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I didn't start this, but needs a name! At some point in time, some fans Photoshopped Tyrese Gibson as Green Lantern and Tyrese decided "why not!?"

SO... Now I saw another actor going to Instagram and doing the campaign type of thing, that person being Lance Gross.

Let's just get to the point!

On Instagram and/or twitter Hashtag , and here's what you do!

  • Take a picture of yourself
  • Put the Green Lantern Corp insignia next to your picture (or any of your favorite Lantern characters).

That simple! It's nothing else really, just those 2 things!

Anyway, make share this spreads because apparently if anybody does this... it means there in talks to be the Emerald Knight! Heck, do the superhero challenge (basically doing the same thing, but with any of your favorite superheroes)!

Seriously though, if this spreads we could possibly have a good campaign on our hands for the Green Lantern movie. We may get some more confirmation as well!

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So I have one question for you... Do you accept the challenge?


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