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Just only a few days ago, the official "Deadpool" red band trailer was released online for all the world to see the merc with a mouth in action for the first time! Well...technically, this is may be the second time for some Marvel fans out the there that may have attended Comic-Con: International in San Diego.

Fans who went to the event had witnessed the epic beginning of a few amazing films that will be released next year, and also saw when the "Deadpool" trailer made its first official debut on-screen. Whoever watched the Comic-Con, and has seen the red band trailer that has just came out will notice a few differences between the two.

The red band trailer actually isn't the first trailer to be released; there's the red band, Comic-Con one, and the green band trailer for anybody who doesn't enjoy the gore, and the cursing (then they might as well not see the movie)! There's also the leaked test footage that came out a while back, but it wasn't really a trailer. The scene in the footage will be taking place in the Deadpool film with a few modifications, so that's something to look forward to!

Check out the Comic-Con trailer right here!

(sorry for the not-so-good quality!)

Now look at the red band trailer!

(Probably one the best trailers of the year!)

Here's the green band trailer!

(Cue the music!)

What's the difference?

For starters, one big difference which was in all of the trailers, was when Colossus made his debut on-screen. In the original first trailer, when Deadpool and Colossus made their encounter together, Deadpool insulted Colossus by calling him a:

"Big, chrome c-ck-gobbler."

This scene ended up being left out of all other trailers that were released.

Another scene that was also left out all the other trailers, was when Negasonic Teenage Warhead made her first debut alongside that big, chrome...Colossus. The introductions to the two characters were still put into the trailer, but they left out Deadpool's reaction to Negasonic's name, when he said:

"Negasonic Teenage what-the-sh-t! That's like the coolest name ever!"

Fans will definitely see more of Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and Colossus soon!

You probably didn't see it too clearly, but Stan Lee reportedly made his cameo for the upcoming film, and appeared in the trailer for only a few seconds as he announces the name of a stripper. Yes, Stan Lee was the one who said:

"Give it up for Chastity!"

That scene was only put in the Comic-Con trailer, and not any other released trailers. Fans will definitely see Stan up on the big screen!

Rob Liefeld also made a cameo in Deadpool! If you don't know who that is, it's the guy who created Deadpool. Like Stan Lee's cameo, Liefeld's was only in the Comic-Con trailer, and it seems it's going to stay that way. When a fan asked him about why his cameo wasn't in the red band, or green band trailer, he simply said it was a:

"Hall H exclusive"

This can mean that his cameo was only in the trailer, and might not show up in the film, but you never know what could happen!

Why did these cuts take place?

During an interview with 'Empire', Director of "Deadpool" Tim Miller explains what happened to those scenes, and why they didn't end up making it to the final cut of the trailers.

"The Comic-Con trailer was a little bit longer. This version had to be shorter, for whatever reason, so the things that got taken out were a couple of real in-joke things that, again, wouldn’t necessarily play to a general audience. Stan Lee was in the Comic-Con trailer, and there was another shot with Rob Liefeld, Deadpool’s creator. Those moments were for the Comic-Con fans. It went over so well at Comic-Con. Everybody there was so primed to like this film. It didn’t go to my head at all. I came out just thinking, 'F***, now we really have to deliver!' We were kind of under the radar before, at least within Fox. That’s all over now..."

So a lot of those scenes were to just meant as an "exclusive" for all the Marvel fans that showed up to Comic-Con. That makes sense, and the official trailer they had to release for some reason, had to be shorter than the original cut. The cameo of Stan Lee is mostly meant to be a surprise for fans when they watch it on the big screen, don't want to show too much!

What did you think about the deadpool trailer? What are you most excited for the upcoming film? Do you have any doubts? Comment down below!

Deadpool hits theaters February 12, 2016!


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