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The way Superman was Kneeling before lex (You can see that lex had a kryptonite) the way superman was walking in the underground where the soldiers were kneeling before him and at last where lex were mentioning that the " Red caps are Coming " which shows that the story will be like Somehow lex should have managed to clone the Superman the one who should have been fighting against batman and wonderwomen, And lex should have kept the original Superman in hold somewhere with the help of the kryptonite and it will be like at last the original superman will join with them to stop the cloned superman which will eventually leads them to forming Justice league !!!! And i don't see synder using Doomsday in Batman vs Superman. Most probably Doomsday will be used in Justice League Part 1 and Darkside or Brainiac can be used in Justice League Part 2.


Is Cloned Superman In BvS


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