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Arvin John Galeno

Hell yeah! Deadpool will finally have his own movie (our wish has been granted) and yes... it is BadAss!!!

The trailer showed us what to expect from the red guy. The movie have great sword fights, awesome gun shot scenes, insane sense of humor and it will be bloody (R-Rating movie that Disney can't give us).

Here are some points that we got from the trailer (talking about the actual one not the trailer for the trailer) :

  • The "I love you Wade Wilson" words are damn so sweet. In this part it is noticeable that Wade is already sick. I'm not sure if they really intend to say his whole name as a part of the scene or a reference to a character where he derived from Slade Joseph Wilson or Deathstroke
  • "Please don't make the supersuit green". A reference to his previous role of The Green Lantern wherein no actual costume were made. In here, he has something that he can wear.
  • Is this the reason why he is somehow burnt in the end of the trailer? Well he has a fast healing capability (derived from Wolverine) so that might not be the reason why he looks that way.
  • "Shoop" by Salt n' Pepa. In the test footage the original song he was listening to is "Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani. Not sure why they change it but for me it made the trailer cooler.
  • This car fight was inspired by the test footage as well. Good thing is we're able to see what happens next. "Why the red suit? So bad guys can't see me bleed". BadAss.
  • The road signs gives us a name "Fabian Nicieza". A comic book writer who creates the first script for Deadpool.
  • "With great power...". A huge reference to Spider-Man, where he is being compared / connected to.
Negasonic Teenage Warhead
Negasonic Teenage Warhead
  • It is clear that we may see the more of the X-Men characters in the following Deadpool movies. But I'm hoping that Fox and Marvel will agree to have a shared universe.
  • The cancer. In this, Deadpool is not really burnt. It is somewhat the effect of his disease combined with the healing factor he got from Weapon X. The gene worked but not really killed the cancer. His superhuman healing factor keeps on reactivating those cells that died due to the cancer cells. That's why he has a lot of scars and tumors.
  • Lastly, is "Breaking The Fourth Wall". The signature style that Deadpool brought to us in the comics. "I'm very turned on right now"

Hopefully, Ryan Reynolds will have his redemption after The Green Lantern suicide and the previous Deadpool appearance he had in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine where the merc with a mouth doesn't have a mouth.




Based on the trailer, will he overcome the Hal Jordan he was before?


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