ByHunter Renner, writer at

By now, I'm sure that almost everyone knows that Five Nights at Freddy's 4 is officially out on PC, as well as Android and iOS. And, rumor has it that this is it. This is the last game in the series. Heck, creator Scott Cawthon even posted a teaser on his official website, thanking the players, and confirming that this is, in fact, it.

Or so we all thought...

A few days ago, I was doing what I normally do in my free time, browsing YouTube, when I came across a video by ZombieWarsSMT, explaining how he found a secret "m" in that teaser if you brighten it. I tried it myself, and, whaddaya know! There IS an "m"!

Now, I have done some research, and have found out that the Roman numeral for 500 is M. Take the two zeros off the end, and you get 5. Does this mean that FNaF 5 is confirmed? Possibly. Or, maybe "m" stands for the movie. We won't ever know exactly, at least until Scott confirms something.

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