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You gotta admit, there's a certain irony to a story about the exploitation of young people for the entertainment of a mass audience getting as popular as it did. In watching and enjoying The Hunger Games (especially the first one), are we not then enjoying the death and desperation in just the same way the Capitol does in the story? Sure, the characters aren't ostensibly real, but we're essentially looking at the same thing.


I don't wanna be the next in a long line of smarmy fans pointing out the irony of a Hunger Games Subway tie-in, or the sheer extravagance of the marketing. Anything with that kind of contradiction simply provides a chance for us to learn, and I won't say no to that. What I find interesting is what the audience wants. No matter what themes these movies develop, or the depths the story delves into, there's the lingering feeling that we still want blood and carnage.

Welcome to the 76th Hunger Games

So many people mocked [The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1](tag:446261) for it being the first Hunger Games movie with no Hunger Games. I'm getting the sneaking suspicion that this next movie is somewhat of an answer to that, with an explicit plot point involving game makers tailoring the infiltration of the Capitol to be in the style of a regular Hunger Games. However, there is still the feeling that this is one big fight in the finale, rather than the traditional winner takes all format. Perhaps we just can't get enough of a bunch of kids pitched against one another in brutal circumstances.

The Hunger Games Simulator

They totally would!
They totally would!

The Hunger Games simulator is an extremely curious form of world expansion, where it isn't the icons or lore of the story that branch out into interactivity, but the systems. Allowing the user to create any kind of roster for the ceremonial bloodbath, the game generates combinations of situations, leading to one overall winner, often with quite humorous results. What's interesting about the Hunger Games simulator is the idea that Suzanne Collins' magic formula of innocence broken through murder might have more longevity than we first thought! Just how could this premise live on in the future to appease the bloodthirsty fans?

A movie from the Capitol's perspective

Yes, I'm aware how crazy this sounds for those routing so hard for Katniss and the soldiers of District 13. If I'm allowed to get spoilery for a moment, the ending to [The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2](tag:449866) actually provides the possibility for a new story to be told. Once the Capitol is overthrown, and President Snow is in captivity, President Coin seeks to exact revenge on the Capitol by staging one final Hunger Games involving only children of the city. This is still portrayed as a barbaric act of cruelty, and we are meant to feel for the children who could die, so would that not be an amazing spin-off that totally messes with our sense of allegiances?

Real World Hunger Games Experience!

Looks like fun!
Looks like fun!

As crazy as it sounds, I'm almost willing to put money down on this being a real thing in the future. Sure, no extreme LARP attraction would involve people actually killing each other, but the potential of being pitted against your friends in the middle of the woods in a situation similar to paintball. Who would win in a Hunger Games situation is a sure fire conversation starter, so to solve that kind of debate in real life would likely be quite popular, and also expensive... very, very expensive.

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Can the Hunger Games live on beyond Mockingjay Part 2?


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