ByJoshua Duprey, writer at
Joshua Duprey

Okay... So where should I even begin? Another remake of a great film? Here's my "fan theory" If you're remaking this and remaking Friday the 13th I see by at least 2018-2020 we'll have a Freddy vs Jason 2 on our hands, I swear if it's a reboot of Freddy Vs Jason I'll jump out of a plane without a protection. Moving on, Well honestly I went in seeing the remake with an open mind, I was upset but I was excited to see yet again Freddy being back, then after I wish he stayed dead...The girl who played Nancy in that film hated it so bad she considered quitting acting because of how terrible that movie was. Nightmare on Elm street and Friday the 13th had HORRIBLE remakes, so what should we do Hollywood? Make a sequel to the original series and start from there? WHAT? Screw that ! Let's remake them both cue the evil laugh MUHAHAHAHA. Okay, no stop it. The main problem I have with another remake is this, Freddy has one face, Freddy has one voice and that face and voice belongs to Robert. The difference between Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, and Freddy Kruger is one simple thing. Anybody can portray Michael or Jason. THEY DON'T TALK whatsoever, they just stalk and wear masks, Freddy talks when I watched the remake I thought freaking Batman got burned and he auditioned for the role of Kruger, what was with that voice?!


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