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Can you believe that it's been 10 years since Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie tried to simultaneously blow each other's brains out while ripping their clothes off in the midst of passion in Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

And in the process, it seems that it's also been a decade since Angie was branded a home-wrecker, being the final catalyst in bringing Brad's marriage to Jennifer Aniston crashing down the deep abyss. But let's brush all that under the carpet, shall we?

Considering Brangelina's affair turned into a long-term marriage and a brood of about a hundred kids, and Jen happily wed Justin Thereoux the other day, it seems that finally the wounds have healed and all is well in Tinseltown.

And considering their last film together caused such a stir, it is understandable that expectations have always been incredibly high for a Jolie-Pitt reunion. So, you will be pleased to find out that we are finally getting what we have been waiting for all these years!

Brad and Angie are finally re-uniting on the silver screen

Written and directed by Angelina, and filmed on location in Malta, By the Sea is set in 1970s France. The story follows a married couple as their turbulent marriage disintegrates.

The official plot description reads:

"They seem to be growing apart, but when they linger in one quiet, seaside town they begin to draw close to some of its more vibrant inhabitants, such as a local bar/café-keeper and a hotel owner."

Naturally, we are all very excited for this new project led by Angelina. All the more so, considering the fact that the real-life married couple have admitted to pulling struggles from their personal lives to perfect the tension between the characters. In an interview recently, Angie said this:

"I'd be directing myself and him in a scene where we're having a fight, and I'd be pulling out the parts [of him] that have an aggression toward me or when you're frustrated with each other—it was very heavy. We kept joking that all of the crew felt like they were living in a house where the parents were fighting and you don't know where to stand or where to look."


I can't wait to see these two on screen again together; but before we jump right into the trailer, let's dissect some of the scenes first:

Brad plays the role of the miserable, alcoholic husband

But that's the least of his worries - he's got writers block too. Damn.

While, Angelina seems to be crying a lot

Clearly, this summer vacation is not going to plan.

"Do you want to talk about it? Do you hate me?"

"You know my reason"

Oof, harsh words being thrown about right, left and center!

A lot of dramatic and incredibly tense scenes ensue...

I don't know about you guys but I'm very interested to see the Jolie-Pitts reunite in a completely different setting to 10 years ago. And if her previous movies are anything to go by, Angelina's latest offering is sure to possess just the right level of brutality and heartbreak to have us gripping the edges of our seats.

And let's be real, who doesn't want to see Hollywood's king and queen come head to head in a re-enactment of what their marriage might be like if it was rapidly disintegrating?

Check out the trailer:

November 15 couldn't come around any sooner.



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