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Deadpool has never made a secret of the fact it will feature, and possibly ridicule, other members of the Marvel/Fox family, namely it seems, X-Men's Colossus.

The giant metallic X-Man - or at least a CGI stand-in for him - was spotted several times during the filming of Deadpool's highway set piece, but importantly Daniel Cudmore didn't seem to be invited to the party. Cudmore has played Colossus in all the X-Men movies in which the character has appeared (X2: X-Men United, X-Men: The Last Stand, and X-Men: Days of Future Past) which means his absence on the set of Deadpool was rather curious. Indeed, we later found out that Cudmore would not be returning to the role at all, with the part eventually going to the rather massive Andrew Tricoteux.

Check out the new Colossus in the Deadpool trailer:

So, was Cudmore snubbed? Well, I suppose it depends how you look at it. In an interview with Empire, Tim Miller revealed that Cudmore was approached to reprise the role, but he preferred not to. He explained:

"I did actually call Daniel Cudmore to ask him if he wanted to do this, even though he’d be entirely CG the whole time. He was very nice about it. He was like, 'I appreciate your offering, but nah.'"

Cudmore has since taken to Twitter to further flesh out the situation, explaining that not even his voice would've been used for Deadpool's Colossus. He tweeted:

However, from the sounds of things, it seems Miller never seriously considered returning to the Colossus we had seen in previous X-Men movies. In fact, he didn't seem too keen on the mutant's 'liquid metal' appearance. He added:

"We were never going to be able to keep Colossus as a secret. He was in the script that leaked and all that. I wasn't actually sure, until we were standing there shooting it, that at some point Fox was going to say, 'Hold on a second; we can’t put Colossus from our treasured X-Men franchise in this movie to be made fun of!' But they did, and not only that, but also they let me change the look of him. As a fanboy I’ve always been like, 'That dude with the shiny skin is not ****ing Colossus.' He should be this monstrous guy, and they actually let me make him seven-and-a-half feet tall."

So, with this mind, inviting Cudmore along to 'play the part' was probably more of a professional courtesy than anything else. From the sounds of it, with a fully CGI character and a different voice, I guess there wasn't much need for him to be in it anyway.

Source: Empire


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