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WARNING: Spoilers for all three Arkham games are contained in this article. Consider yourself warned!

With Rocksteady's terrific Arkham video game series now wrapped up (...or has it?), all of its best kept secrets have finally been uncovered. The devious developers behind the franchise packed their games full of awesome Easter eggs just waiting to be found, with some taxing players' brains for years on end.

The following 5 are some of the most well hidden secrets in the game, stumping even the most skilled detectives. How many did you find?

1. Each Game Teased the Existence of Its Sequel

Perhaps it was a little premature, considering their first game wasn't even out, but Rocksteady Studios included a little Easter egg teasing a sequel in Arkham Asylum. The secret was so well hidden that the developer had to come out and tell everyone about it six months after the game was released!

By putting three explosive charges on an unmarked wall, players could gain access to Warden Quincy Sharp's office, which housed this blueprint for an early design of the map for the second game, Arkham City:

Following this, Arkham City then teased the ending to their final game in the trilogy. As players will remember, the bald villain Calendar Man would spew secret messages when prompted on specific days.

Amazingly, it was three years until anyone discovered that after turning their console clocks back to December 13, 2004 these prophetic words would be spoken by Calendar Man:

Well, well, well. And on today of all days. Do you remember my early work? Flawed, but it showed promise. Just like you. As your skills improved, I perfected mine. Starting with seasons and moving through the weeks, I became stronger, my work more...elaborate. Days were the secret, Batman, and the end of days is coming. I was there at your beginning and I will be there at your end.

No one truly knew what that last line meant until they'd completed Arkham Knight 100%, resulting in this ending that made CM's assertion that he'd "be there at your end" finally make sense:

2. A Familiar Face, Unmasked

The opening of Arkham City saw Bruce Wayne trudging through a prison, at which point he encounters this mysterious inmate:

Can you tell who it is?

It's actually an unmasked Deadshot, taunting Wayne with a rather undeadly and quite literal hand-gun.

3. Arkham City's Shocking Ending Was Hinted at from the Very Beginning

The end of Rocksteady's second game featured a mind-blowing plot twist that I never saw coming, but considering the amount of clues the developers dropped throughout the game I really should have guessed!

The finale reveals that a dying Joker, infected by the Titan formula, was hiding behind the scenes, whilst the healthy Joker was Clayface all along, doing his best Clown Prince imitation. And this shocking truth was in front of our faces the entire time. For example, did you catch Harley's telling dialogue below?

Or did you notice that during the video taped scenes the camera was shaking and the cameraman could be heard coughing?

That's because the real sick Joker was actually filming the fake one all along.

Even Joker's demise was forecast in the the very first shot of the game:

Pretty awesome, huh?

4. Superman in Gotham?!

Did you spot all these cheeky nods to the Man of Steel in Rocksteady's final game? For example, these Lex Luthor endorsed billboards...

...these Metropolis references...

...and this dialogue from the Arkham Knight's henchmen:

Could these Easter eggs be hinting at a Rocksteady-made Batman v Superman tie-in game due next year?! We can certainly dream.

5. Bat-Dad's Tribute

Did you spot this half-masked crusader hiding out in the diner during the opening to Arkham Knight? It's a small, loving tribute to the hilarious YouTube sensation seen below:

What a great way to honor the dedicated fan-base!


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