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Chandler is such a fantastic Friends character- he's goofy, dorky and comedic, easily laying the foundations for every laugh out loud moment in the show (especially with those one liners and physical comedy gags). I've always seen him as the star of the ensemble, so with that in mind here are his top 10 moments from all 10 seasons of the hit sitcom.

10.) The One With Jill Goodacre

As shown in: 'The One With The Blackout'

Why it's great: We see Chandlers' sensitive, awkward side for the first time as he finds himself locked in an ATM vestibule with his favorite Victorias' Secret model, Jill Goodacre. Instead of trying to flirt, he just ends up being himself for the hours they're locked in there, leading him and us to realize that when Chandler stops worrying about picking up women he lets the amazing-ness out! We finally get to see Chandler alone instead of with the Friends.

9.) The Ones With Janice

As shown in: The One With The East German Laundry Detergent, The One With The Candy Hearts, The One With Chandlers' Work Laugh, The One With Unagi, The One With Ross' Library Book, The One Where Rachael Has a Baby

Why it's great: Chandler is tortured by this woman for a long, long, long, long time. Although, he does kind of torture her too (see his trip to Yemen, for example). She has fallen for him and he has fallen for her many times, but the two never made it work and were just never meant to be together, finally ending it once and for all before Chandler met the true love of his life. However, that still didn't stop Janice from 'Oh. My. God!'-ing us at every opportunity, and even making one last move on Chandler in Season 10.

8.) The One Where He Proposes To Monica

As shown in: The One With The Proposal

Why it's great: Chandler and Monica are just the best. From their secret fling to their trying for children, the two really do make each other whole. This, of course, doesn't stop Chandler messing stuff up every once in a while. In this episode, we think things could well and truly be over for the couple after Chandler drives Monica away obsessing over his proposal plans. Towards the end of the episode, however, love wins and Chandler finally gets to pop the question in the most romantic way possible- sincerely. We really get to see Chandler show his feelings for once with no jokes, and it's tear inducing.

7.) The One With Chandlers' Feminine Side

As shown in: The One Where Chandler Takes A Bath, The One With Rachel's Date

Why it's great: There have always been jokes about Chandler being gay, feminine and camp from Season 1. This is all fine of course, and makes for some very funny jokes ("I like it in the stern ... of the boat!"). None are more memorable, however, than when Chandler is found in his bubble bath, with his white wine and soothing music and bath salts- which he both admits and owns.

6.) The One With His Resolution

As shown in: The One With All The Resolutions

Why it's great: The whole premise of Chandlers' character is basically being sarcastic and making fun of other people in the group. However, in this episode, Ross bets Chandler that he can't go one whole week without making fun- to which he somehow accepts believing that he could ever do that. To make things worse, the gang obviously then taunt him all week with things to comment on, such as Ross' leather pants and the name of his date (Elizabeth Hornswoggle). At the end of his hellish week, Chandler finally gives in, hands Ross $50 and begins a hilarious rant, finally being able to tell the friends how ridiculous their antics have been this week.

"Pheebs? Flying a jet? Better make it a spaceship so that you can get back to your HOME planet! And Ross, phone call for you today, Tom Jones, he wants his pants back! And Hornswoggle? What are you dating a character from Fraggile Rock? AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH"

5.) The One With Chandler In A Box

As shown in: The One With Chandler In A Box

Why it's great: Chandler and Joey have a huge falling out over Chandler being in love with Joey's girlfriend and kissing her. However, Chandler tries his hardest to make it up to his buddy.. which apparently means spending hours silently trapped in a large cargo box while the others hang out and eat dinner. It's great because Chandler has a huge heart and would really do anything for a friend, and the result of this is a very happy ending when Joey finally forgives Chandler and he chases after the woman he loves. Hell, Chandler even stays in there when Kathy comes over, breaks up with him and leaves, only being allowed to give her an adorable finger wave goodbye from his cell. That's commitment.

4.) The One With The Smoking

As shown in: The One With The Thumb, The One Without the Ski Trip, The One With the Hypnosis Tape, The One Where Rachel Smokes, The One With Phoebe’s Birthday Dinner, The One Where Chandler gets Caught

Why it's great: Chandlers' smoking vice has plagued him from day one, and he has no willpower whatsoever to resist going back to the cigs time and time again. The Friends try so hard to deter him with no success- but it is funny to watch him have to stand out in the rain when not allowed to smoke indoors, and sneakily smoke in his office (see above). It's a basic concept we all know of, made hilarious.

3.) The One With Dancing Chandler

As shown in: The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS

Why it's great: Chandler's dance is iconic, becoming a symbol for the show. We all know this dance from somewhere in our lives.. Hell, I dance like this [if I'm sober]. Enough said.

Hail Lord...
Hail Lord...
All The Single... CHANDLERS?
All The Single... CHANDLERS?
Disney really did kick it up a notch...
Disney really did kick it up a notch...

2.) The One With Socially Awkward Chandler

Don't we all
Don't we all

As shown in: The One With The Proposal, 98% of episodes

Why it's great: We can all relate to Chandler once again here- with his quotable phrases and slapstick gags he is definitely the most socially awkward character around. It's entertaining to watch somebody else suffer at social gatherings for a change, and Chandler is the king of awkwardness.

1.) The One With The Infamous Chicken Gag

As seen in: The One With All The Resolutions

Why it's great: I have been watching the show since I was about 11, and this gag has always been my favorite and always will be. Watch the clip to see the magic in full- I'm always left screaming!

So there you have it- the very best of the Chan-Chan Man. I hope all of you Friends and Central Perk coffee addicts loved this post! Be sure to follow, read my other fabulous top 10s, share and comment with your favorite Chandler moment!


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