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It just struck me that Game of Thrones really could go anywhere at this point. The the books and the show are kind of level pegging at this point, so when we speculate over what happens next, we're essentially positing where we think the entire thing will go. All this time, I've had the books as a pillar of strength that makes me sure of my predictions, but now they're being overtaken, I just don't know what to make of the world anymore! This is terrifying!

I have a sneaking suspicion that the show runners knew that staring into the void of possibilities could drive the Game of Thrones fandom crazy, and used the supposed death of Jon Snow to keep people occupied. As I've written in an article before, people will likely be occupied for quite some time. There is however one plot point which I'm sure fans will be babbling about when the time comes.

Daenerys stuck in Essos


Being someone who's always been ahead with the A Song of Ice and Fire books is strange when you're surrounded by people getting into the show. The moment Season 1 ends with Dany's dragons hatching, I'm sure many people assumed the very next scene would involve her storming Westeros and getting hers! Alas, that never happened, and when people ask where her arc is going, you're forced to answer with "stuff..?" Don't get me wrong, the Daenerys storyline in the books is full of drama and intrigue, it just doesn't involve the thing everyone wants to see.

The ending to Game of Thrones Season 5 was a step forward and a step back in this respect. After the brilliant finale to her story saw Dany simply plucked out of the place she has been ruling, we next see her alone in the Dothraki sea, failing to tame Drogon, with only the clothes she wears to her name. I think it's a fantastic narrative twist to have one of the most regal and respected characters in the story suddenly reduced to being a drifter, but then again, I also wanna see Dragons wrecking shop on King's Landing. I'm so conflicted, dammit!

Dany's Future in the Books

This was such a great scene!
This was such a great scene!

While yes I am planning to train my future kids to read The Winds of Winter to me when my eyesight goes due to old age, I am looking forward to seeing just what's done with Dany's character in the next installment. While George RR Martin does indulge in cheap thrills, he tends to toil in the story that follows. Remember those whole chapters of Tyrion getting drunk and talking to mushrooms? I'm sure we'll get something similar in the next book. Dany isn't likely to see those Dothraki Kahls and go "psych! I gotta get to Westeros because the fans need me!" More likely, there will be much time spent spent with the Dothraki, with Dany plotting some form of escape that may never come!

Dany's Future in the Show

Better times.
Better times.

Sure, Benioff and Weiss have made it plenty clear that they intend to take Game of Thrones into the future in tandem with the novels, but time and time again, they've shown a willingness to depart form the source material drastically in order to shock fans. Now, Dany's arc has actually been one of the most faithful storylines put to screen, but I'm sure HBO doesn't want to lose anyone to the idea that Dany might never make it back. Personally, I would like to see Dany make it back to Westeros, but just barely. I would like to see her perspective on her rightful seven Queendoms from the perspective of a nobody.

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Will Daenerys make it back to Westeros in Season 6?


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