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We haven't got long to wait now until all our questions are answered by the release of [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870). Until then, there's much to be gleaned from plot leaks, photos, and the trailer, and one shocking fact has been revealed: Diana Prince is indeed working for Lex Luthor!

But why would Gal Gadot's Amazonian superhero be involved with the nefarious billionaire? And how will this affect the outcome of the fight between Batman and Superman? We investigate, and the possibilities might just surprise you! Before we get into the why, let's have a look at the theory itself, and how we know Wonder Woman has connections to LexCorp.

Uncovering Diana's Secrets

The mystery of how Wonder Woman will fit into Batman Vs Superman has had fans buzzing since her appearance in the film was confirmed. It wasn't long before the theory popped up that she would be working with Lex himself. Early set images revealed Diana in civilian clothes leaving Lex's offices, prompting many to ask what she would be doing there, and whether she would be his ally or nemesis.

The idea that Diana is working at LexCorp was only encouraged by the trailer, which showed her looking decidedly shifty in her civilian clothes, before clearly joining in the fight as Wonder Woman.

An ambassador for Lex Luthor?
An ambassador for Lex Luthor?

While it's possible that she has her own agenda, she has been seen in Lex's offices twice now: leaving them in the initial set photo leaks, and rubbing shoulders with Lex's cronies in the trailer. So much for the proof that she's involved with Lex's company in some way. Let's have a look at why this could be, and what Diana Prince's agenda is...

Undercover for the Caped Crusader

This is almost certainly the solution to the mystery: there are multiple hints that Diana Prince is connected to Bruce Wayne, not only that she already knows him, but that they're working together. Who could forget this tantalising promo picture, which shows them sharing an intimate conversation.

Cosying up to Bruce Wayne
Cosying up to Bruce Wayne

Is it just me, or does this look like Bruce is whispering Gal Gadot's ear? They definitely appear to be sharing some kind of secret. Maybe they're trying to be subtle, and not tip Lex off to their alliance.

So the question becomes: what could Bruce Wayne want from Lex Luthor?

That's right: recent reports have confirmed that Batman's new armour is indeed the Superman-proof suit from the comics. The suit is lined with traces of Kryptonite. And, thanks to the trailer, we all know who owns the largest piece of Kryptonite to be found this side of the galaxy... Lex Luthor! Could Bruce Wayne have sent Diana undercover at LexCorp in order to gain information on the Kryptonite? Will this lead to a new alliance between Batman and Lex Luthor?

Secret weapon
Secret weapon

We've already investigated the possibility of Lex sponsoring Bruce Wayne in the fight against Superman, and you can read about that here. But if Diana isn't working for Bruce, could she be investigating Lex Luthor independently?

Saving the world from Doomsday

Whether or not Doomsday will be the main villain of Batman V Superman has been the subject of much debate among fans. However, we may have finally got confirmation that the super foe will appear, and that Lex has a big role in bringing the creature into existence! Online journalist Umberto Gonzalez recently claimed to have an exclusive on Superman's greatest enemy...

“It’s been out there, but it’s official. We are going to see Doomsday.”

So far this guy's word is the only proof we have (make of that what you will) but if this is true, could it be the key for why Diana is working at LexCorp? Supposedly, Lex will use Zod's DNA to create Doomsday, in order to have some superhero-bashing muscle to protect himself. While Superman and Batman fight amongst themselves, Diana could easily investigate LexCorp unnoticed, and ultimately provide vital information in how to take Doomsday down. Or perhaps this is exactly who she's battling in the trailer...

Wonder Woman packs a punch!
Wonder Woman packs a punch!

She certainly will need a lot of fire power to take down this enemy, who in the comics famously killed Superman himself!

Not what she seems...

Of course, there are many other reasons for why Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman is working at LexCorp. Maybe she has been taken in by Lex's anti-hero rhetoric. Or perhaps she doesn't know who she is: the immortal Amazonian might have amnesia, and be working for Lex against her will. Of course, we already know she'll be fighting fit by the end of the film, as the trailer revealed Diana kicking all kinds of ass in costume!

Until 2016 rolls around, we won't know for sure just what her agenda is. But watch this space! We'll have the first scoop on any details when they're finally revealed.


Diana Prince: good or evil?


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