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As a horror fan, I enjoy getting into that creeped out mood, in which every creak immediately means the presence of a ghost, the branch scratching my window is a serial killer with a ginormous, sharpened knife, and that breeze that just hit my neck isn't the A/C; oh no. It was probably a vampire ready to strike and take a bite!

Fortunately, Gramercy Pictures understands our weird haunting cravings. They know we love to celebrate the release of a scary film by watching other scary films! That's why they created "Sinister Weekends," which is "a midnight screenings program across the country to connect Sinister fans with the franchise's haunting inspirations including The Ring, Let the Right One In, and Night of a the Living Dead - all leading up to this month's release of the Sinister sequel."

Here's a breakdown so you can fit a showing into your schedule, perhaps after your evening seance or your UFO hunting session.

The Ring - August 8th and 9th

Sinister's co-creator and writer C. Robert Cargill credits The Ring for being so unnerving and for causing scary nightmares. He feels this film had some influence over the Sinister franchise.

The Devil's Backbone, Let the Right One In, and Night of the Living Dead - August 15th and 16th

Director Ciarán Foy considers these three films his personal favorite horrors. He feels they inspired him when he was directing both Sinister films.

Sinister - August 22nd and 23rd

What better way to excite fans by screening the first film that introduced us to Bughuul and his unsettling ability to turn even the sweetest of kids into possessed, murderous little beasts.

To check out a list of participating theaters, click here. I hope to see you at one of these theaters, sitting on the edge of your seat and watching the film through your fingers.

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