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Hold on to your Sheriff hats Walking Dead fans, because if what Andrew Lincoln has to say about Season 6 is anything to go by then we are in for one hell of a ride!

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, in which Andrew Lincoln was asked to describe Season 6, the star spewed forth his obvious enthusiasm for the upcoming sixth season, describing the season as "big...very big," "ambitious," and "brave." Yay, so excited!

In addition to Andrew's love of adjectives, he also revealed that Season 6 will see the group facing the most walkers they have ever faced. Mentions of the walkers no doubt refers to the much theorized "No Way Out" storyline from the comics becoming a part of the first half of Season 6.

He also praises the storytelling and showrunner Scott Gimple's ability to balance so many storylines, before going on to say that he thinks audiences will find episode one of Season 6 quite unexpected. I can't wait to see what Rick and the gang have in store for us!

Check out the whole interview here:

The Walking Dead Season 6 premiers on AMC on October 11th, and the companion series Fear the Walking Dead will debut on August 23rd.

Source: Comicbook, Entertainment Weekly


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