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Yesterday the world came to a grinding halt when Justin Bieber whipped his kit off and smothered himself. In oil. For Cosmopolitan magazine. And then posed against some weights.The prop wasn't just coincidental btw, it was to highlight how super fit and toned the 21 year old fountain of talent actually is.

In case you missed it, he shared some more pictures of himself looking all wet and confused on Instagram which got a cool 1.1 million hearts.

Very Blue Steel.

Cosmo also posted a behind-the-scenes vid for us so we can actually watch him lounging around in at least three different positions!

In the interview, the child super-star got pretty deep down and personal, unveiling hidden depths we'd previously, and quite arrogantly, overlooked. Sorry!

Here's a breakdown of the best bits:

Lesson 1. He actually has pretty good taste.

7. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I watch: Scandal

Lesson 2. He's an original, experimental kinda guy.

9. First drink I ordered legally: beer

10. I'm secretly terrified of: spiders

Lesson 3. He doesn't rely on clichés.

15. One things I've learned about women is: They are complicated.

Lesson 4: He's actually pretty damn funny. LOL.

11. My favorite tattoo is my: owl
12. And the next one I'm getting is a: tramp stamp, LOL


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