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Kelly Osbourne has apologised for a racist comment that she made about immigration in the heat of a debate about Donald Trump on The View.

While trying to criticise Trumps hardline and ignorant attitudes to immigration, Osbourne ended up blurting out an extremely controversial comment herself which implied she thinks of immigrants as menial workers in demeaning jobs, she said:

If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilet, Donald Trump?

After hearing how her comment came across however, Kelly Osbourne quickly acknowledged that her comment was wrong , she told interviewers that:

If I saw that clip just with the ten seconds, I’d hate me too

She went on to explain how she didn't mean to offend anyone, and that it was never her intention to enter a serious political debate, she said:

I’m not OK that I hurt people’s feelings. It was my poor choice of words and it doesn’t reflect my opinion at all, and I do not want to be brought into this political nightmare.

Although Osbourne has apologized, the latino community is still not thrilled with her stereotypical comment and the hashtag has been trending on Twitter to question the star's sincerity.

A previous apology the Osbourne made has also been critiqued for it's defensive attitude and lack of humility:

(Source: Huffington Post )


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