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If you still have not reached the peak of your zombie fix then there is a new show featuring the undead right around the corner. The spin off and prequel to The Walking Dead is set in Los Angeles following new characters as they face the beginning of the end of the world. This new show is littered with the horrifying undead. It will reveal how the world looked as it was transforming into the familiar scenes we already know in The Walking Dead . You are probably hungry to know what is heading your way..

What can you expect from season one?

At the Television Critics Association’s press tour in the infamous area of Beverly Hills in Los Angeles these questions were answered. David Erickson is the executive producer of this zombie filled tale. He revealed some awesome details of what is in store for us!

By the end of season 1, we definitely know the world has changed, but we’re not at the same place where Rick woke up,” Erickson said. “There’s still a window of time, we’ll have some real estate left. Rick’s coma was about 4 to 5 weeks. If you track our story, we probably go three weeks over the course of our first season. There is a time that may come that we catch up, and there may be a season where we do a major time cut. The thinking right now in season 1 and the writers’ room for season 2 isn’t about how do we intersect them how or catch up with the original show?

How did they come up with the title for the show?

We wanted The Walking Dead in the title. But we didn’t want The Walking Dead: Los Angeles. We’re already using Fear as a shorthand. I think it speaks to what the characters are going through

The name does a great job of tying the shows together connecting them for fans!

Check out the trailer!

The trailer really looks like this show is going to be on another level of epic!

So can we expect some badass military reactions to the moaning and horrifying walking dead? Well.... kinda

David Erickson the executive producer went on to explain

When Rick exits the hospital, you see the presence of military and MASH units. We’re never going to tell the story from a military perspective, but we will see a military presence and how first responders reacted and what they did to protect their own families

Fans of The Walking Dead and zombie filled shows are really in for a treat with this one. I am totally stoked for this new chapter of stumbling zombies being unleashed.

The zombies of Fear the Walking Dead will be set free when the show debuts on Sunday, Aug. 23 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC. If that isn't already awesome enough the first episode will be an extended 90 minutes!

Source: EW


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