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She's a top-knotch starship pilot. She's a fighter of the Empire, a true rebel. And she bravely fought against the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

She's the badass Hera Syndulla, and it comes as no surprise that Feyische was able to create such a gorgeous cosplay outfit out of such a dynamic and beautiful character.

Ryloth Represent!

You know she means business when she has her aviator goggles on. She's ready to take flight.

Be Weary of her Weapons

Don't be fooled by that warm smile; she's not afraid to shoot if necessary.

Serving Rebel Realness

With her lekku on point, she's more than ready to kick massive ass.

Is anybody else hoping Hera Syndulla will make an appearance in Rogue One? Judging by this superb cosplay, she would definitely make one awesome-looking live action character.

Besides, the rebels could really use her master pilot skills, as she would be an incredible asset to any team.

[Source: Fashionably Geek]


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