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Costume designer Yuri Schuurkes loves making costumes from scratch, and specifically, a costume he really enjoys putting together is Spider-Man. The only problem is that Yuri was never really able to make the perfect mask. Well, with the help of a 3D designer who has access to a 3D printer, Schuurkes was able to streamline that process and make some super bad-ass masks that you're gonna like.

Here's what he told 3D Print:

“But then new 3D printing technology arrived and it opened all the doors. Not only could I keep fine tuning the design until it was exactly the way I wanted it to be, it also made it possible to easily create multiple sizes so everybody could wear one.”

The man spent six long months designing the mask which included the face shell and removable eye plates that lock in place with magnets. The custom-made fabric is pulled over the mask and under the eyes for a perfect fit.

Check these photos out!

The mask is now available on Shapeways, so if you truly love it you can snag your own!

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