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With two great films on its way, Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad, a Character which has been widely spoken about is the new Joker played by Jared Leto. Be aware that this article contains a theory which may contain potential spoilers for both films.

The new Joker is even more twisted than before and will be a great character to feature in the remade DC universe, however is it really the Joker we will witness in these films?
This new joker seems to have been psychologically damaged and has various tattoos on his body and face. On his face he has a couple of tattoos, one containing the word 'damaged' and the other is a letter 'J' on his cheek. However this dose pose questions as to whether we will see the original Joker or someone else posing as the The Clown Prince Of Crime.

There are a few reason as to why we may see another person as the Joker. The first reason is because of the word 'damaged' just under his hairline, it seems to me that this may be a person whose natural character could have been broken down or in this case 'damaged' by someone (the original Joker). Another reason is the 'J' on his left cheek, this resembles Jason Todd in Arkham Knight after being unmasked, who funnily enough also has it on his left cheek.

With this information in mind I have a theory regarding a plot story line which may be present in both films. It goes as follows, Batman had probably given up the mask because of nothing more than the death of Joker, as we all know Batman needs Joker and Joker needs Batman. Other than this he may feel responsible for 'Jason Todd's death' which was caused by the Joker and therefore Bruce does not want to hurt anyone else as Batman.

Bruce does put on the cowl again to face Superman which may be a cause for the Clown Prince Of Crime to make a return. This new Joker could be slightly different but still has similarities to the original Joker. With mystery surrounding this new Joker, Batman will probably find out that he is actually Jason Todd who was not killed by Joker, but instead was psychologically broken down by him.

With Jason knowing everything about Bruce and also wanting revenge for not being saved from the Joker and even worse replaced as Robin, he poses a great threat to Batman and will attempt to send his message to the Dark Knight. His mind which has also been twisted by Joker will make the situation even worse for Batman to fix.


Who do you think the Joker is?


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