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The Big Bang theory is one of America's most popular sitcoms. With 8 seasons so far, the show has managed to remain fresh despite being a little slow-moving currently.

Here what I want for the upcoming season, Season 9. I think these changes would make the show better, fresher and more fun to watch in general.

Penny Should Go Back To Acting

Don't get me wrong, I bet she really likes being a pharmaceutical sales rep, but to be honest, deep down, I think we can all agree that she finds this job as fun as watching paint dry.

This needs to stop. We need to start seeing this girl in more movies. An absolute must for me.

Bernadette Needs To Get Even Meaner

Now, she was just great in Season 8. Oh yes, the rage was real and awesome. But that's not enough. She needs to be over-the-top. Come on guys, let's have her burn down a house or two so we can mistake her for the Exorcist girl.

Sheldon Should Be Sent To A Mental Institution

I mean come on! Anyone can see that he's crazy in the head. Seeing him in the looney bin would be an awesome choice for the show. And a relief for me.

Howard Should Start Doing Drugs

Howard Wolowitz has always been a funny character. Remember that time when he was chasing after Penny so pathetically? That was gold. Now let's have him do marijuana and make him even more of a numpty.

Stuart Should Die

If there was an award for the Most Depressing Guy on Earth, Stuart would be the one to win it. Seriously, I think I'm doing y'all a favour here by asking the creators of the show to have him killed off because quite frankly, he's just going around making other people miserable.

No need to thank me, people.

And Last But Not Least... Raj and Cinnamon Should Get Married.

I'm serious. Human-pet marriages do exist, and I am saying that these two should get back together and have a wedding. Save that for the season finale, though. It just wouldn't be right in the middle of the season.

And that's my Season 9 wishlist. What do YOU want to see in Season 9? Let me know in the comments below!

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