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There are a lot of Superheroes that I feel get enough attention. I'll give you guys my top 5.

#5 Falcon

I fee like Falcon doesn't get all the attention he deserves. Most see him as Captain America's side kick and other see him as that black guy in Captain America Winter Soldier. Little do people know he's actually got a lot up his sleeve. From being able to see through birds eyes to even controlling them for periods of time. Falcon is also a skilled martial artist and can even access the memory's of his birds. Falcon is not someone to be overlooked.

#4 Raven

Another character I think is underrated is Raven. Some see her as one the best Teen Titan but most see her as the weird girl. Raven is much more than that. She has a demonic transformation that she can undergo, Dimension Time travel, Healing, Telepathy, and even Teleportation. The list goes on and on. Raven is among one of the most powerful DC characters out there and she deserves a lot more attention.

#3 Huntress

So Huntress is a member of the famous Bat family but I think it's safe to say she gets the least amount of attention. A Martial artist, a master of the Bow Staff, and Crossbow Huntress can be a worthy opponent is a lot of cases. Not the best Superhero out there but still deserves some attention in my opinion.

#2 Aquaman

Surprisingly Aquaman is not my top pick but still underrated no doubt. From being that dude with the powers to talk to fish to useless, Aquamna gets a lot of hate. With the power to control all Sea life to even having Invulnerability, Aquaman poses a threat to just about anyone. Not to mention even punching Superman across the Ocean once. Aquaman is indeed someone to not be underrated.

#1 Moon Knight

So not Exactly a Superhero but still a hero in some way, Moon Knight is in my opinion the most underrated. Some refer to him as Marvel's Batman which is indeed not true. Moon Knight possess a lot of things Batman wishes he had. From having adamantium armor to being a master martial artist Moon Knight is among one of the best heroes out there. He has weaponry far beyond out comprehension including a adamantium staff, a truncheon capable of firing a cable line, gauntlets that fire crescent darts, and even uses spiked knuckles worn on his left hand. Moon Knight is highly underrates and diffidently deserves some more fans.


Which of these 5 do you think is most underrated? Vote below or let me know if I missed anyone.


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