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As with any MMO, Elite Dangerous has needed a lot of updates since it was released for the PC. This game has a lot of problems that players have experienced from the beginning, and while every update from the devs does help alleviate some frustrations, they're never that revolutionary. However, a lot of players are happy with the small changes that will be introduced into Elite Dangerous which were announced yesterday.

However, Elite Dangerous: Horizons has also been announced, which will be an expansion to the current game. But while the idea of an expansion is certainly exciting for those that love Elite Dangerous, fans are pretty annoyed by the price tag. Elite Dangerous: Horizons will be sold at $60 - whaaaat?! The lord giveth and taketh away!

Elite Dangerous
Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous - A Nice Update Isn't Enough Following Elite Dangerous: Horizon News

I'm noticing this trend a lot lately with games made through Kickstarter. We saw how Slightly Mad Studios backtracked on what they'd promised Wii U owners with project CARS, were assholes about it, and then announced a sequel to a game they hadn't even finished fixing yet! Frontier Developments have been a lot classier than this, but charging 60 dollars for an expansion to a game you already own is pretty poor. But the way in which you have to do it is ridiculous.

Horizons will come bundled with Elite: Dangerous once it gets its release date - there is no alternative way for players to purchase it. This means that new players of the game will actually have paid less once they get the expansion than the players who are currently enjoying it and acting as dedicated members of the community. What the hell?!

Elite Dangerous
Elite Dangerous

Here is a brief excerpt from the dev update announcement from the Elite Dangerous community page:

  • This first expansion kicks off with the ability to land on airless planets and moons. It’s a great technical step forward, and more adds a huge amount of gameplay.
  • Gameplay extends seamlessly from space to the surface, so that you and your Wing can take a mix and match approach to tackling missions.
  • Scanning planets and moons from space is used to detect signals, crashed ships, mineral deposits, outposts and fortresses.
  • While flying above the surface in Orbital Cruise you can discover points of interest like landed ships and surface installations.
  • There will be star ports on the surface which can be docked at, although you can land anywhere on the surface that takes your fancy long as the terrain is appropriate, all without loading screens or breaks in gameplay.
  • As you approach the planet surface the effect of gravity kicks in and changes the flight model and so giving you a new set of flying skills to master.
Elite Dangerous
Elite Dangerous

These are just a few of the gameplay updates players can expect on its release date. But when it's locked behind literally paying for the game that you already own, it seems a bit ridiculous and unbelievably unfair. Kickstarter breeds some very strange beasts. Naturally players are frustrated and we'd love to hear your take on this new expansion for Elite Dangerous!


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