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Kingsman is Directed by Matthew Vaughn and stars newcomer Taron Egerton, Colin Firth, Michael Caine, Samuel L. Jackson and Mark Strong. Eggsy (played by Egerton) is a typical anti-social youth who gets recruited into Kingsman by Colin Firths Harry.

This film is pretty much everything I expected. It's brutal, funny and very stylish. Like most of Vaughn's films. This film does so many things right as an action film and as a homage to classic British spy films. Vaughn brings his stylish filmmaking to the table to make even the craziest of circumstances work. The action is directed fluidly and the scenes in between are just as interesting as the next.

The acting in this film is also really good. Sam Jackson is perfect as the villain with a lisp, Taron Egerton is great for a first timer and Colin Firth as good as usual and handles the action scenes vey well. Its also nice to see everyone doing their own stunts as well, for the most part. Did I mention that the soundtrack is fantastic as well.

Even though this film is great there are a few problems with it. There are a couple of pacing problems here and there, some parts going faster than others. Also there are one or two sub-plots that are left unresolved, except one that is wrapped up mid-credits. Unfortunately there are a couple of times when certain effects look fake (primarily during some action scenes) which is not good for a big budget film.

Despite a few flaws I loved Kingsman. Its fun, stylish and full of surprises. I highly recommend it.


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