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The much anticipated trailer for the upcoming Deadpool film was released on Tuesday and has received a lot of positive feedback, but is it as good as everyone says it is?

The Good

About 90% of this trailer is the exact same as the Comic Con trailer that dropped a month ago, which is good if you didn't see the original. It is funny (like Deadpool usually is) and contains a lot of references and fourth wall breaks (like Deadpool usually does). We see new characters like Colossus from the X-Men, the now confirmed Weasel (Played by T J Miller) and Blind Al. The teaser for this trailer (which saw Deadpool sitting in an armchair doing his best movie narrator voice) was also very funny interesting. The action for the most part looks well executed and some bits (like the Stan Lee cameo) have been cut out as they are best left for the film itself.

The Bad

Despite the quick witted humor and references there is nothing that really STANDS OUT in this trailer. Even though the action looks good there are some parts that look a bit fake. Also the hilarious line from the 2014 leaked footage "I wear red so my enemies can't see me bleed. Let's hope they're wearing brown underpants." was funny for when and where it was in the footage, Deadpool sitting on a bridge talking to the audience, but in this trailer and the Comic Con trailer the line is sprinkled into several different parts. This doesn't give the line the same affect as it did the first time. Also some of the jokes from the Comic Con trailer were cut due to them being too offensive. TOO OFFENSIVE! That's the whole point of Deadpool's character.

Overall this Trailer is good for what it's supposed to do. We still don't know what the plot is going to be and how these action set pieces fall into place. As a fan of the character and his comic, i will certainly being seeing this film as soon as it comes out next February.


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