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Apple are quite frankly notorious for being able to tailor the release of a product, whether it's to please consumers or not. Features are added, some taken away, some scrapped forever as a marked move for change, all calculated to capture the zeitgeist of the tech world. The impending release of the iPhone 7 is no different, with people already speculating over what new features and hardware we could be graced with.

The release of the iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S if you wanna be pedantic about it, is still a long way off, but a couple of things have been confirmed.

  • Plastic strips to remain.
  • No huge size changes.
  • Release date of September 25th.

Other than all that, we're in the realms of complete speculative fiction, so let's all band together and use our collective understanding of what would be pretty neat, and decide just what we would like to see from the iPhone 7 this Fall!


A possible look?
A possible look?

There was once a time when your devices were separated according to use and functionality. Sure, you could technically watch entire seasons of Hey Arnold on your phone, but you have a TV that does that perfectly well, right? Well the prospect of a handheld device squaring off against the functions of larger more singular technology is becoming something that consumers are chasing. Whether it's watching Netflix on a Nintendo DS, or gaming with your iPhone, the reasoning behind some of these advancements is becoming less about "why?", and more about "why not?"

Scrapping the Home Button

Think way back to when the first iPod Touch did away with the iconic menu wheel of the iPod, and it suddenly seemed as if handheld Apple products had lost their sense of identity. How silly we were. To finally do away with the chunky home button which has adorned every iteration of the iPhone would be one the device could survive, but it would also put a stick in the spokes for non-screen touch sensitivity, and for solving the issue of gaming without pesky fingers getting in the way.

Wireless Charging

Samsung have it down!
Samsung have it down!

As cool as this concept is, to many people, wireless charging is still akin almost to science fiction. I mean I saw Southland Tales, which was all about wireless power, and that resulted in Dwayne Johnson going through a time rift and splitting in two and becoming a Jesus allegory before the world ended. I don't want that to happen, do you? The strange thing is that, despite wireless charging initially being in the name of streamlining, it's still too much of an enigmatic system for many Apple consumers. People like to think they understand devices, but not to actually try to understand them.

Automatic Social Media

Let's face it. If you've missed the boat for the phenomenons of Instagram and Snapchat, you're never gonna master it at this rate, but you really don't wanna just neglect the trends entirely! Wouldn't it be great if your iPhone could manage your social media presence without your input? Simply take one picture of yourself, and let your phone keep track of whatever locations you wanna be profiled in. You can simply live your life, and let your phone chart every excruciating detail without having to put in any effort!

Troubleshooting for Android Users

The other...
The other...

One of the most fun aspects of being an iPhone user is being able to help solve issues being had by Android users simply by recommending them what you have. The only problem is you can't always know when there's an Android user in distress, and you can't provide your two cents as much as you could. Wouldn't it be great, then, if your phone could seek out others in trouble, so you could help out strangers who foolishly made the wrong buying choice!

What are your opinions on the release of the iPhone 7? Let us know with a post here on MoviePilot, by voting in our poll, or of course by leaving a comment below!


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