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So there are a lot of Heroes that don't get much attention. Here are my top 5

#5 Falcon

So most people see Falcons as just Captain America's side kick. Well he's much more than that. Falcon is a Martial Artist, can talk to birds, see through their eyes, and can even remember their memory's. Not to mention he even took over Steve Rogers role as Captain America. Falcon is not someone to be overlooked indeed.

#4 Raven

Some people see Raven as that cool mystery girl on the Teen Titans, but most see her as just that weird girl. Raven is a lot more than that. She can undergo a Demonic transformation, has telepathy, healing, and even teleportation. She is among one of the most powerful DC characters. She should diffidently not be underestimated.

#3 Huntress

Huntress is known for being apart of the Bat Family but is no doubt the least noticeable. She's not the greatest Hero out there but still has some tricks up her sleeve. A martial artist, master of the Bow Staff and and Crossbow, she would indeed be a tough opponent is some cases.

#2 Aquaman

So surprisingly Aquaman is not my top pic but is obviously underrated as many people know. From being just that fish guy to being called useless, Aquaman is much more than that. With the power to control the Sea and everything in it, Aquaman would pose as a threat to anyone. He even has invulnerability and even knocked Superman across the Ocean once. Anyone smart enough wouldn't underestimate Aquaman.

#1 Moon Knight

So my top pick as the most underrated Hero is Moon Knight. Not exactly a Superhero but is still a Hero in some way. Moon Knight is sometimes referred to as Marvels Batman which is not true. Moon Knight is very unique. He has adamantuim armor and even gets stronger during a full moon. He also has weaponry beyond our comprehension including an adamantium staff, a truncheon capable of firing a cable line, and gauntlets that fire crescent darts, and even a spiked knuckle on his left hand. Moon Knight is not one to mess with.


Which of these do you think is the most underrated? Think I missed anyone? Let me know below.


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