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The Dark Knight protects a lot. He protects his family (except Martha and Thomas - sorry, too soon?), his Robins (except Jason Todd), and all of Gotham (except for all the dead residents). But between everything that he wants to keep safe, he has taken on another ward; your cookies. Therefore, Entertainment Earth (on behalf of Batman) would like to offer you this exclusive cookie jar:

Batman Blue Suit Cookie Jar (EE Exclusive)

  • Holy sweet stuff, Batman!

  • Exclusive limited edition Batman cookie jar!

  • Ceramic cookie jar measures 11 1/ 4-inches tall.

  • Stash your sweets with the Caped Crusader!

Entertainment Earth Exclusive! Batman guards your cookies. Turn your treats over to the Caped Crusader in his blue suit and you may never see them again. Of course, you could just reach over and remove his head. This 11 1/4-inch tall ceramic Batman Blue Suit Cookie Jar positively pops and will lend a fun feel to your kitchen. Holy cookies, Batman! Ages 14 and up.

While the usual price for this is $54.99, there is an insane summer clearance going on, with sales of up to 95% off, and you can get this for a mere $38.99 (while the sale lasts)! Still not sold, though? Don't worry, let me walk you through it's design and features. This is a review, after all:

Material and Use

The jar has a high quality ceramic design and acts both as a decorative piece as well as an essential tool for daily use (who doesn't eat cookies everyday? They're cookies!). The jar is hand painted, and therefore not dishwasher or microwave safe.

Size and Dimensions

The approximate dimensions (sorry - it's an irregular shape) are 28 cm x 23 cm x 14 cm, meaning its capacity is approximately 3000 cm³. The jar and lid separate at 11 cm. The weight of the jar is 3.2 lbs.

What Should I Pair it With?

No good Batman merchandise is complete without its chaotic counterpart, which is why you simply must order the Clown Prince of Crime's cookie jar too. While he may not be the most trustworthy defender of your goodies, you can be sure he'll put them to good use (i.e. exploding desserts).

That can be bought here.

And while we're already buying a version of Batman in his blue suit, why not go back to the old days and pre-order an exclusive Batman 1950s Comic Pop! Heroes Vinyl Figure, which can be purchased here.

Where Do I Order?

In case you missed my not so subtle hyperlinking throughout the article:

Entertainment Earth Exclusive Batman Blue Suit Cookie Jar

The Joker Cookie Jar

Batman 1950s Comic POP! Vinyl Figure (Pre-Order)

And to round out your collection:

Wonder Woman Cookie Jar

The Flash Cookie Jar (Pre-Order)

Superman Cookie Jar

All in-stock item's shipping is free when the order is over $79, and select pre-orders are also free. If the status shows "Temporarily Out of Stock", that just means the current shipment has been sold but a new shipment is planned--but don't wait until it's back in stock to order yours, as it's always possible the following shipment will sell out, too. Also, credit cards are only charged when the order is ready to ship, so no need to worry.


Will you be buying any of these cookie jars (or bobble head)?


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