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A day in the life of Abi Gordon-Cody...

You'd be surprised if you saw her walking down the street. She looks normal, talks normally, smiles at puppies, and probably hums an old Disney tune as she goes.

But in the comfort of her own home (without being judged/locked up in a mental hospital/avoiding young screaming children) her studio transforms into, well, what can only be described as a bloody massacre. Body parts litter the floor, blood splatters across the walls and decapitated heads roll under the desk.

This is her happy place. And she wants to show you how you too can create your own crime scene...

The best thing about special effects make up is that no matter what you do, you've made a piece of art. It could be a small scratch or an eyeball dangling from its bloody socket. Luckily, no two injuries are the same, anything you do can look as realistic as you want! And with this in mind I'd like to show you how I've created some of my makeups and the equipment to do so!


Zombie. Looks like a lot of effort, but surprisingly I only used four things: Latex, tissue paper, cotton wool, and grease paints! With a couple of hours to spare, I made a bald cap using a balloon and about 15 layers of latex (this is where the time is spent). Then, using the tissue paper, cotton wool, and latex I built up the eye sockets and nose, creating the sunken skin look, painted up and hey presto! This was my first attempt at a full zombie head. Practice makes perfect!

I've also tried out making some moulds using clay, plaster of paris and latex. Here's a step by step of my 'forever smile' prosthetic and the finished result.

Forever Smile Mould

Step by step mould
Step by step mould

Finished Result

'Forever Smile'
'Forever Smile'

Although these are fun to do, they are a little time consuming and if you're not happy, you have to start all over again.

I love being able to go into the studio and recreate whatever sick thought just crossed my mind. This is why I love using wax. Most of my makeups I do are made with wax, maybe a little latex and glue, and of course blood.

Now sit back and scroll through my gallery: an insight into my weird blood-filled mind. Enjoy!

Kitchen Nightmares

Blood Smoothie

Forking Around

Chop Chop Ouch

Grating Mishap

Glass Shards


Gardening Problems

Honey, I've Lost My Finger

Here We Go Round the Prickly Pear

A Rusty Nail

The Random Days

Spaghetti bolognese

Spaghetti bolognese
Spaghetti bolognese

Inspired by 'Shark Week'

Inspired by 'Shark Week'
Inspired by 'Shark Week'

#dinoselfie#dinoselfie" title="">

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!

You can see how I'm inspired by every day events. My mind is forever looking at the bad things that could happen! And my eyes light up when I see them!

So, would you be surprised if you saw me walking down the street? Looking normal, talking normally, smiling at puppies and humming an old Disney tune as I go?

You never know what lies beneath a sweet smile...

The face behind the mask. AGC SFX Makeup @absgc
The face behind the mask. AGC SFX Makeup @absgc

I'm always looking for more inspiration to build up my portfolio, if you have any ideas you'd like me to have a go at, let me know!

Click on the links and catch up with me on Instagram (@absgc) or Facebook (AGC SFX MakeUp) to see more gruesome gore and what I'm up to!

Thanks for reading!


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