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This won't be long, so bare with me. Obviously there's no need to review every movie that came last week because the only news worthy movie to come out on the 31st of August was JJ Abram's second Mission Impossible, "Rogue Nation". Let's jump into the action and because this is the only movie I'm talking about please expect there to be a few spoilers.

The action in this movie is really the only thing that truly matters. If you want a fluid and coherent story to match I strongly suggest you wait for November for my review of "Spectre" (the new James Bond movie). However as the trailer ends, the movie starts with a major issue in which you find Ethan Hunt (played by Tom Cruise) striding the side of an airplane to stop the threat of international terror.

Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt
Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt

(Roll opening credits) MI6 has just been disbarred by America (alright roll ending credits. Great movie! 10 stars). However Ethan who is now wanted for being an international terrorist is looking for the bread crumbs of an underground terror power house called The Syndicate. His fears of there being such a group are confirmed almost as soon as the story line starts to kick in: Ethan goes to receive the orders for his next mission and is set up by aforementioned The Syndicate. Ethan watches a nice enough record store attendant gets 'Game of Thrones' style murdered (even down to giving her a name before quickly killing her). This is the first time you see the mysterious arch villain Solomon Lane (Sean Harris). This all happens while Ethan is trapped in a bullet proof unbreakable plastic cell. Then gas is flooding over him, and he is near death (no? It's just knock out gas? WHY DON'T THE FORCES OF EEEEVAL JUST KILL THE HERO?! But seriously... What the hell).

Sean Harris as Solomon Lane
Sean Harris as Solomon Lane

This begins the start of a movie filled with contradictions and oddities. Ethan is taken to the torture room, where he is punched a few times before the torturer says "a man like this will die before rolling over". I beg to differ, but since the movie was rated PG-13 I will keep the thoughts of modulation in my trapper keeper and proceed. Of course said torturer gets too close to his victim and is knocked unconscious by a bound and gagged secret agent... because he forgot to bind the feet (as... always). While the "Bone Doctor" (that's the nick name this torturer is given) sleeps, an agent named Ilsa (Rebecca Ferguson) who is in way too deep undercover with in The Syndicate helps Ethan escape, but then stays because she's been working (oh so) hard on this case and doesn't want to lose her cover (which would have undoubtedly happen if ONE of the ten men the two of them killed would have survived).

The Torture scene I was referring to
The Torture scene I was referring to

Ideally you would want the story to improve to a little bit of a realistic format. However you would have to settle for a somewhat comical performance from British star Simon Pegg back again as Benji and the announcement that Alec Baldwin will proceed in future movies in this series as the director of MI6 (did I mention that in the end of the movie they are reinstated... because I didn't have to).

All the stuff in the middle was extremely predictable:

  • Bad guys with evil world domination plot.
  • Terrorist attack in which a world leader is either captured or killed.
  • Someone with in MI6 is in grave danger of being killed.
  • Ethan finds out evil plot, and thwarts it by being wicked awesome.

In fact the predictability of this film maybe the main source of my disapproval of this movie.

You might say. "So The Syndicate? What's up with them bro, you blew past everything." Well I'm glade you asked. So apparently The Syndicate was an experimental program that the British created to take secret agents from around the world from their fields of duty and have them work for one organized family of agents. Solomon Lane who used to be a member of British's secret service was to be the head of operations. However shit got sketchy and when the Prime Minister didn't approve the project, and all of The Syndicate's funding went with it. So basically it's all about pertaining the funds that allow them to fund "Super Terror" a film by The Syndicate. Most of the back story is a little all over the place so let's put it like this. They started off as good then turned bad. It's like Hulk Hogan in WCW.

In the end of the movie it's 5 good agents vs a large list of bad ones. The good guys won with a minimal amount of stress, and no deaths. Hind's Mission Impossible is achieved. Was it exciting: yes, would I recommend it: sure why the hell not? Would I watch it again: Not for 15 bucks at a movie theater and I have to be good and drunk at home, but I will say never, never.

  • 6/10


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