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The entire situation with the Wii U is a strange one. It's commonly agreed that as a console, it has a fantastic focus on ensuring a wealth of fun for Nintendo fans, but as a business ploy, it's something akin to the Gamecube, a well-intentioned effort which the forces of the universe conspired against to create a product that supersedes the Wii in every technical sense, but turns up with a fraction of the takings.

As damaging a disappointment the Wii U was, there's still one Nintendo property that continues to succeed leaps and bounds. [Pokémon](tag:2538552) has never faltered as one of the most consistently popular properties in video games. Given that Nintendo are already preparing tactics for the next generation console, enthusiasm hasn't waned for upcoming Pokemon Z. Just how has Pokemon survived so long, and where does it fit in with the future of Nintendo?

Pokémon on the Wii U

We can only dream.
We can only dream.

I kinda get the impression that people have been pining for a fully fledged Pokemon game on a home console since before humanity discovered the use of fire. It seems like such a logical idea, but we all know what Nintendo are like. If it works once, it will work for decades to come. Strangely enough, they're rarely proven wrong in that regard. With the relatively short window of opportunity that is the Wii U, the chances of us seeing any form of Pokemon outside of Smash Bros are relatively slim.

What could have been neat would be a resurgence of the Pokemon Snap or Colosseum properties. That would have still made Pokemon seem like a beneficial, ongoing brand for the fans, rather than a crutch for Nintendo. Honestly, we shouldn't spend too long fixating on where Pokemon could go on home consoles, for that's a dangerous hole to climb down.

Pokémon Z

Will the trainers be the same?
Will the trainers be the same?

So here's the one Pokemon title we can at least be sure of. Pokemon Z is in somewhat of a state of flux right now, with a potential release date in 2016, but any sign of development being few and far between. It isn't of too much use to speculate over what we could see in Pokemon Z, for it's likely a very simple expansion from the groundwork set out by Pokemon X & Y.

What is curious about this title is whether it could be saved for a release that coincides with a potential release of the successor to the 3DS. Certain rumblings have suggested that we could see a next generation hand held console from Nintendo at E3 2016. What better title to launch with than a hotly anticipated Pokemon game?

The Future of Pokemon

Greninja should stick around!
Greninja should stick around!

So what can we expect from Pokemon with the introduction of new consoles on the horizon? Well I'd wager that a clamoring for a dedicated home console Pokemon IP will continue, and will continue to fall on deaf ears. Nintendo have perhaps the greatest "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" attitude in the industry. Luckily, most of their things ain't broke. The hand held Pokemon games will chug along just fine, though we will likely have to wait beyond something like Pokemon Z to see something that is another leap in design and intent, just as Pokemon X & Y were.

What's your take on the upcoming Pokemon Z, and where do you think the series is headed? Let us know with a post here on MoviePilot, by voting in our poll, or leave a comment below! For more on Pokemon Z, be sure to click right here!


Will Pokemon Z be on a Next Gen Console?


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