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Gamescom was in full motion last week with literally hundreds of thousands of people flocking to Köln, Germany to try out some of their most anticipated Video Games for the next two years! The stuff I saw was amazing, with the highlights of the event for me personally being PES 2016, Cuphead, Fallout 4, Guitar Hero Live (really) and Dark Souls 3. [Star Wars: Battlefront](tag:2684021) was unfortunately underwhelming and it seems that a lot of players at the event had also felt the same way about their time with Tom Clancy's The Division.

After chatting with people on Wednesday and Thursday following their sessions with The Division, I was inquiring about what they thought of one of the most anticipated games for 2016. The queues for The Division, even on Press Day, were unbelievable. Everyone was dying to try out the game that Ubisoft has been hyping for years! So let's hear what they had to say.

The Division
The Division

Tom Clancy's The Division - The Gamescom Reactions!

The demo of Tom Clancy's The Division that featured at Gamescom, was that of E3 earlier this year. No new surprises, just people on the other side of the water now had the opportunity to try out this online RPG. With Ubisoft knowing how to hype their products, you can imagine the amount of people that queued up to test it. However, while there were some positive reactions, a lot of gamers I and my team chatted with were rather disappointed. Think about it.

The Division
The Division

Tom Clancy's The Division has been something Ubisoft has been talking about for an unnaturally long period of time. After waiting for this long, it's own natural that it wouldn't live up to the expectations this game has had mounted upon its shoulders. Sure, it's not a finished build of the game and we only experience a demo, but players were rather discouraged by what Ubisoft had on offer at Gamescom.

Have You Had the Chance to Try out The Division and its Unique Gameplay?

Ubisoft need to stop hyping up their products, look at the announcement of Fallout 4. Mere months ago we weren't even sure if this game existed. Now it has a release date of November 10th. Are we excited? OF COURSE! The Division looked incredible when we all saw it at E3 2013, but seeing the graphics downgrade and then having to wait almost an additional 3 years for a release date with little information about the game has really affected gamer's outlook on The Division. So what didn't players like?

The Division
The Division
  • "The mode I played was actually really boring."
  • "I just don't see how I could play tons of hours of The Division."
  • "I think I need to see more before I can get anywhere near excited."
  • " I didn't like the interface and the gunplay just didn't feel very responsive. They really need to make a lot more modes for this game."

But of course, The Division had its praisers too:

  • "What an awesome game! I'm so hyped for 2016!"
  • "The combat felt just as good as I hoped it would."
  • "I destroyed every motherf&%§$? in there!"
The Division
The Division

Of course The Division had so many people supporting its developments, I was just surprised by the number of negative comments coming from gamers. Some of them were so hyped for the game - you'd have to be to wait in line for it - and their experience with the game kind of shook their excitement. I think the real reason for that is the title's hype and I think a lot of people have been doubting whether this will be a success on release date.

So, have you engaged with [Tom Clancy's The Division](tag:2684169) yet? Are you still hyped for the release date of this highly anticipated online RPG? Be sure to let us know where you stand in the comments below. The Division gets its release date for the XBOX One, PS4 and PC on March 8th.


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