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In Descendants 2, seven new kids from Isle of the Lost are chosen by king Ben have two assignments from the their parents, cruelly de villa, jafar, and evil queen. The kids are descendants from Ursula, Captain Hook, Scar, Queen of Hearts, Black Panther (Jungle Book), and the Evil stepmother (two evil stepsisters). The assignments are getting DNA sample from Mal and a second attempt at the fairy godmother's wand. Mal (Dove Cameron), Jay (Booboo Stewart), Evie (Sofia Carson), and Carlos (Cameron Boyce), they are not going to just hand the wand over. The new descendants manage to get DNA from Mal to revive Malificent; however, an epic fight between both old and news descendants starts for the wand. Mal, Jay, Evie, and Carlos convince the new descendants that being good is better. In addition, someone releases the villainous parents from the Isle of the Lost, the parents attempt to get the wand themselves. Their kids are prepared for their parents and to guard the museum. The kids split up in sections. Malificent and Ursula are stopped by their kids and rest of the villainous parents go on. Queen of Hearts, Evil Queen, and Cruella De Villa are stopped by their kids and the rest of the villainous parents go on. Evil Stepmother and Jafar are stopped by their kids and the rest of the villainous parents go on. Now it's gets a little more interesting because the rest of the villainous parents go on (which are Captain Hook, Black Panther, and Scar) think they have a clear shot at the wand. However, they were sadly mistakened their kids are also guarding the wand. During the four fights the parents lose and Captain Hook's son trips the alarm. Fairy godmother hears the alarm and sends the villainous parents back to the Isle of the Lost. The eleven descendants kids celebrate the ending of this movie with a song that has a good rhythm (like Set it Off), then the ending provides another sequel.

Which brings us to the Descendants 3. In descendants 3, it's a three-hour movie (instead of two). The villainous parents get out again, but remember that their kids foiled their plan last time. So, the parents devise a sneaky plan to get the wand again, but the kids foil it. Now the new parents have only one option to get the wand, which is destroying their kids to obtain the wand. Ursula and Malificent hyponsite kids and parents on both Isle of the Lost and Barthos to help


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