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Well today I decided to watch a film that had been sitting on shelf for ages but I never watched it, well now I have and here's my review. That film is Kiss Kiss Bang Bang the directorial debut by Shane Black which centers on Harry Lockhart a thief who gets snapped up by a talent agent to be a movie star in a detective film so to get in character he gets lessons from a private eye, this partnership leads Harry into a world of intrigue trying to solve a string of murders. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang stars Robert Downey Jr. , Val Kilmer, Michelle Monaghan, Corbin Bernsen and Larry Miller.

There are a lot of positives to this film which include: Great acting, good plot, brilliant pacing, great humour, excellent direction, there is a lot of intrigue and the tone is perfect. This film comes under a very specific genre of films that I happen to enjoy the most which are films that are comically narrated by the main character as they tell a story in their life (e.g. Fight Club and The Wolf of Wall Street), this film executes this trait perfectly and made it a film that I will be re-watching constantly. All the performances in this film are really good especially from the leads who flesh out their characters to make them seem like real people, the plot of this film is very intriguing as the mystery of the murder is set up really well and how it links to all the characters is very clever. The pacing of the film is excellent as it gets through its plot swiftly and smoothly not leaving any time for boredom but leaving enough time for it not to feel rushed. This film is also very entertaining with lots of funny moments that make certain scenes very memorable, all of these positives are held together by the great direction and tone. The tone makes the comedic moments gel with the dramatic ones perfectly so the dark story fits in with all the comedy; the story is woven together beautifully so it ends at the right point and the times where the narrator is inconsistent or he goes backwards in the timeline doesn't detract from the main plot it enhances it. I wouldn't say there is anything wrong with this film but it isn't getting a perfect score because the plot isn't complex enough to make the film outstanding.

Overall I loved Kiss Kiss Bang Bang for all the reasons I mentioned so taking everything I have said into consideration I rate this film:



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