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This week has provided a great variety of awesome content, from new found easter eggs and fan theories to Moviepilot Creators' opinions on this week's movie news. We've absolutely loved reading each and every piece and, as its friday, the time has come to proudly present our Top 10 Posts By New Creators This Week!

It's also a pleasure to announce that from this week forward, we'll be rewarding the top ten with more than just words of praise, sending each Creator an awesome thank you gift! Check out the winners below!

Why 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' Will Change the Superhero Film Industry Forever by Sterling Wilson

It's safe to say that pretty much everyone is getting hyped for Batman v Superman next year. None moreso than new creator Sterling Wilson- he's put together this pretty convincing list (covering themes, cast, crew, characters...) about why BvS is going to be the cinematic experience of 2016.

Which CW TV show do you belong in? by Stephanie Kaylor

Should you be fighting demons with the Supernatural crew, or scheming, spending and sleeping around with the Gossip Girl socialites? This quiz holds the answers!

Top 10 Most Twisted Saw Traps I Would HATE to be Part of by joeno MRC

For me (and maybe some of you other horror heads out there), the most interesting moments through the ‘Saw’ saw-ga was watching Jigsaw's victims figure their way our of his elaborate traps. Or, die in the process. You know it’s true! As sick and twisted as these traps and torture scenarios may have been, I don’t think any of us can deny their horrific, industrial creativity and our fascination with their applications in all of these films. It seems I am not alone here either, as Joeno has put together a list of the top 10 Jigsaw traps that everyone should MOST want to avoid. I want to play a game.. but first, you’ve gotta check out Joenos' terrifying article.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - What Does "The Red Capes are Coming" REALLY Mean? by Mike Davis

By now you’ve most likely seen the latest trailer for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice once or twice, though probably more. You’ve also more than likely stumbled across a fair share of trailer reviews, reactions and breakdowns online. Seriously, everybody, their mother and their grandparents are talking about this trailer! Still, there’s one line in there that nobody seems to be talking about. “The red capes are coming… The red capes are coming!” Who are the red capes? And why is their appearance important? Mike Davis has an idea, and if you ask me, I think he’s on to something…

How a Crucial Part of Spider-Man's Origins Can Be Seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! by Christian Alexander

So, after months and months of speculation we finally know who our new Spidey is! Christian Alexander is another first time creator here at Moviepilot and he has given us an epic run down of how our new wall crawler's origin might be revealed and how it could include... Daredevil!

Top 10 Jokers by John Robledo

We all know the Joker! He is probably one of the most iconic television/film villains of all time and he's certainly seen his fair share of reincarnation over the years. Here to give you the lowdown on the top ten best Jokers of all time is DC aficionado and brand spanking new MP creator John Robledo. Who do you think will be at the number one spot?

Harry Potter and the Theory of Dumbledore's Hidden Horcrux by Official HP Scholar

Sometimes fan theories have the ability to give you that 'Aha!' moment, when you suddenly realize that theres more to your favorite franchise than what we see on the surface. There are also those theories that take a little more convincing. Well, this one may be the latter but fortunately we have been provided with a hugely impressive (and extensive) look into Albus Dumbledore's darkest secret... that he created a horcrux!

Terrible Fantastic Four interview a new low for comic-book fans by Theo Sariklis

This may be a news-related post, but Theo provides so much more with his views on a recent interview that has become infamous for the interviewer's lack of judgement. Theo shares the news whilst elaborating on the subject with an important sensitivity and good will that makes this post more important than just the news it shares.

Spider-Man, Batman: Why Movie Reboots Are More Common Than We Thought! by Imperial Tech & Imaging

Looking at cinema these days, it's clear that the name of the game is reboots. Whether it's beloved childhood films or the latest Spiderman, Hollywood has been giving us all a sense of deja vu. This creator is stepping aside from the usual "Hollywood has no new ideas" argument and takes a look at the stories we like to hear told again and again.

Dreamy Animated Movies & Tv Shows As Watercolor Splatter Art by PenelopeLovePrints

This fan artist uses the bright watercolours to portray the personality and fun of the movie characters she depicts. The bold pop culture icons against a stark background bring our favourites to life. Once you see her idyllic work, you will certainly want more!

This week has also been exciting (as always!) behind the scenes at Moviepilot, as we've launched a horror-dedicated Twitter account that we know all fans of the genre will enjoy.

We're really looking forward to another fantastic week ahead. We'll be back next friday with even more amazing selections of new creators who have decided to join our creative family!


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