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We have the brave and bold in red and gold - it's the Gryffindors! And the witty and smart in blue and bronze - the Ravenclaws! The kind and loyal are dressed in black and yellow - Hufflepuff! And finally, the cunning and ambitious, seeking power in green and silver - are the Slytherins!

Which Hogwarts house is the best? Let the battle commence!


Gryffindors - brave and bold
Gryffindors - brave and bold

Gryffindor is the main Hogwarts house within the Harry Potter films; Harry, Ron, Hermione and all of Ron's siblings are in this house. They are brave and willing to put themselves in danger to save others. They often clash with the Slytherins because they don't back down easily when something is wrong, or someone is being cruel - not without a fight at least. However, perhaps the Gryfindors are a little too reckless and bold. For example, James and Sirius liked to cause trouble and give Snape grief in their school days, and the Weasley twins are classic examples of Gryffindors who are unafraid of breaking the rules. People in this house aren't afraid to show off either, which can sometimes be an unattractive quality. But in the face of danger, you definitely want a Gryffindor by your side!


Luna Lovegood - an awesome Ravenclaw
Luna Lovegood - an awesome Ravenclaw

Wise and witty - who wouldn't want to be a Ravenclaw? They are useful to be friends with if you need someone's work to copy off in class! Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure. But like the Gryffindors, can Ravenclaws be a bit too big-headed? Perhaps some of them know just how smart they are, and can't help but rub it in people's faces? Luna Lovegood, however, is a good example of a Ravenclaw - her head is in the cloud, but she's kind and sweet and fun to be around since she's always coming out with quirky remarks. Knowing someone who's intelligent is incredibly useful - how would Harry have done in some of the situations he ended up getting into without Hermione's brains? Being a Ravenclaw means you are wise and of course that's a brilliant trait to have!


Slytherins - cunning and ambitious
Slytherins - cunning and ambitious

Slytherins are cunning and ambitious. As we all know, Voldermort was a Slytherin when he attended Hogwarts. Being a Slytherin is looked down upon because of how many bad witches and wizards it produces - look at Draco Malfoy for example. Every year he tormented and bullied Harry and his friends. But are the Slytherins all bad? Yes they can be selfish and seek power over others, but look at Severus Snape. For years he was brave like a Gryfindor and risked his life as a spy for Dumbledore. He had to kill Dumbledore and have the rest of the wizarding world be oblivious to the truth until the day he died, and let Harry have his tears so that he could see Snape's memories. Thank God Harry was there - what if he had never known the truth?! You could even argue that Peter Pettigrew should have been a Slytherin after his cowardice and his devotion to the Dark Lord - yet he was in Gryffindor! Snape shows us that not all Slytherins are bad, and you can be like a Gryffindor or someone from the other houses if you are a Slytherin - you don't have to be cruel.


Hufflepuffs - patient, loyal, kind
Hufflepuffs - patient, loyal, kind

Hufflepuffs are kind and loyal, and unafraid of toil. They do not brag, and are probably the most under-appreciated house. No one realises how good they are because they do not boast about their achievements. They don't expect to get house points or recognition, and they show their true nature at all costs. In the Harry Potter books, only Helga Hufflepuff said when it came to selecting students for the school that Hogwarts would not just teach the cunning, kind, wise or brave - they would teach the lot and treat them fairly. There's not a lot of bad things to say about Hufflepuff - however, because they are so kind, is it easy to walk all over a Hufflepuff? Could they easily be taken advantage of? Perhaps a little more self-preservation like the Slytherin house would protect them more? Because of their modesty, Hufflepuffs tend to get the least amount of house points at the end of the year. Modesty has its pros and cons, and maybe Hufflepuffs could do with being a little less modest and being more confident and proud of the way they are. Personally, I think we should all aspire to be a Hufflepuff. They stayed at the battle of Hogwarts for the same reasons the Gryffindors did - they wanted to fight. The Hufflepuffs stayed because it was the right thing to do and they did it for the sake of other lives. That's really kind, and extremely brave.

As you can see, all four of the Hogwarts houses have their good and bad traits. None of them are perfect, but they all have outstanding qualities. It's a tough call - so who wins overall? Which of the four is the best house?


Nobody. They are all winners.

No one is perfect, which makes all of the houses honest and true on some level. Each of the members of these houses should be proud of who they are, and what their traits and values are because they are all vital. Bravery, kindness, intelligence and ambition are all needed and are valuable traits, and whichever house you belong to, you should be incredibly proud! Wear those colours with pride!

But what do you think?

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Which Hogwarts house is your favourite? Who wins? You decide!


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