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Fantastic Four opened to 2,900 screens on Thursday night and managed to rake in a mediocre $2.7 million. Compared to the 2005 Fantastic Four which managed $21.2 million on its Friday opening, Trank's Four are not looking too good. Even when the following Thursday is calculated for the 2005 version, the most recent adaptation is still beaten with Tim Story's depiction coming in at $4.6 million.

Coupled with the endless scathing reviews from critics and extremely bad press; lets not get into the terrible interviews being imposed upon the actors - it seems that the movie will not do as well as its predecessor let alone any Marvel film of the current age. Although, Box Office Mojo has predicted that the film should be able to generate about $45 million on its opening weekend.

Now, this isn't bad news for these beloved characters. Hopefully this will signal to Fox that even a third time isn't lucky, and they will pass on the rights to Marvel and Disney who may be able to breathe life back into the team. In addition, don't be put off by the critics, I have seen the film and it wasn't as bad as its being made out, you can see there had been production troubles but the actors and characters are damn good. So, if you can hear me Kevin Feige, please save this franchise and also think about keeping the actors the way they are.

Some of this post is based on opinion, I understand and respect if there are disagreements.


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