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Chris Tinsley

Here we go again, another five year reboot. The Internet, and the world in general has already begun to bemoan a film that is nowhere near production. The reasons? Well, a) we love the original and b) we're sick of reboots.

Is is this fair though? After all every generation seems to get its own version of Dracula or Frankenstein and no one seems to care. In fact many of the most beloved and Classic movies and books are reboots and rehashes of older tales.

so with this in mind let's not condemn a reboot before we see it, instead let's wait until we see the movie and invariably gives us a reason to hate it.

'A Nightmare On Elm Street' (1984) is without a shadow of a doubt my favourite horror movie. It has been vastly influential on me. Without it I doubt I would now be making my living as a horror author, and I doubt my eldest son would be named Freddy.

Wes Craven created a character so perfectly realised and so in tune with out most primal fears that he became almost archetypical over night.

The casting of Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger was a stroke of genius. An accomplished, and classically trained actor with lots of stage work under his belt, Englund turned a one dimensional horror monster into a fully realised character that could terrify and enthrall in equal measure.

'A Nightmare On ElmStreet' (2010) was a poorly realised, jump scare laden cash grab. The film cast an accomplished actor in the form of Jackie Earle Haley to play Kruger. Yet the script and the make up did not allow him to create as complete a character as Englund. I do not hate Haley's portrayal, but I hate the movie.

so with this all to consider, the makers of this new reboot are under so much pressure to get it right. With the fact that Robert Englund has pretty much stated he won't reprise the role again, how to the reboot rebooters go about creating a Freddy to equal Englund.

firstly it comes down to the script, with Orphan scribe David Johnson writing the potential is there. Second is the make up. The design of Jackie Earle Haley's Freddy was so disfigured it was like a solid mask and did not allow any of the sadistic glee to shine through that Englund did so well.

thirdly and perhaps most importantly is the choice of actor.

in my opinion there are only a few viable choices. A well known actor, yes actor not movie star, who has the ability to completely transform themselves for a role. Someone like Gary Oldman.

Or an unknown, someone who brings with them no preconceptions. There is a whole world of good stage actors who have the training and skills to bring a new Freddy to glorious life.


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