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One of the coolest things about the first Guardians of the Galaxy film was the lack of origin stories. Sure, we watched five minutes of Peter Quill's beginnings, but for the most part, painful memories of the past were weaved into conversation in ways that were still perfectly impactful. Out of everyone, it was Groot who originally received the least amount of backstory, but that's understandable -- everyone's ideal Best-Friend-Slash-Tree-Guy could barely communicate in the common language that his companions shared, and Rocket Raccoon filled in the blanks, translating ideas, worries and courage that his friend had to share in his own unique way.

While the new Guardians of the Galaxy Animated Series is not part of MCU canon, it seems as though the hidden or unexplained backstories of our heroes are being put on full display, with a look at the tragedies that led them to The Kyln.

In a new clip, fans are given a peek at the origins of Groot, who shares a name with his entire species, and where his motivations against Ronan the Accuser first originated, as told by Rocket Raccoon.

The clip cuts out at the final, desperate moment, with Groot's people united in strength against Ronan's deadly bomb. Obviously, Groot survives, but what becomes of his people? Fans will have to wait until September 26th for the answer, when the show premieres on Disney XD.


Are you excited for origin stories in the Guardians of the Galaxy animated series?


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