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Hello fellow readers of Moviepilot, today I have a recent report that Ben Affleck, the star of Batman v. Superman could potentially get a blockbuster deal and now star in three standalone Batman movies. The article reads that a cut of Batman v. Superman : Dawn of Justice was screened for the film crew and Warner Bros. bosses within the past 24 hours or so. From what the article say it was a glowing success to the Warner Bros. bosses and even got a standing ovation to it. It also says that they were so impressed with Ben Affleck's performance as Batman that they are in the process of reportedly extending his already mega-deal which means he could be in three stand -alone films and not the single one that was announced earlier this year. That means Ben Affleck could be playing Batman for the next ten years.

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Oh and another thing all credit goes to because that were i got this recent news scoop from and here the link if you want to check it out for yourself.



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