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In the final days, the Kingdom of Glass is to host an imperial armistice, ending a long and bitter conflict between Honorum’Idola and the Countith’alyian Dynasty. The crowned Prince Addonnis , heir to the Lucem-Duodecim throne , sets forth from his homeland to witness this union of peace. At the same time a marriage between the Lady Lunafryst of the imperial province of Glass is set to take place.

The truce, however, was a ruse, and the imperial enemy armies launched a full-scale invasion of the Glass kingdom, seeking to capture their sacred power for themselves. Quickly the crown city and its sacred powers fall in one fell swoop. Addonnis soon learns, new powers have arisen, as the fabled Celestial Swords of Eon have returned to the mortal realm

Seemingly overnight the peace so long sought has become a distant memory. As Addonnis and Lunafryst, witness their world crumbling around them. And the Dragons mysterious powers over fate draws them to the same tragedy. Addonnis has naught but a choice to face the two evil paths laid before his feet, as he Struggles to capture the Symphonic swords of Eon, enduring the tumultuous trials ahead of him.

King Regium and young prince Addonnis.
King Regium and young prince Addonnis.

The series will be introduced to new fans and those who followed us from the start, just in a much bigger way. This picture above is from a very important scene in the series. The series will also be getting a update to it's subtitle.

The series Production is about 50% complete, now that I'm updating it as a 2.0 of Episode zero. The release date is set, and a plan has been set into action allowing us to meet that goal. As new marketing strategies are being put into place and developed. The launch will be in 2016 that is all i can reveal at this time.

The series has a main villain who up til this point has never been spoke of or revealed. And for good reason it was very important to not get ahead of important details of the story. He will certainly be revealed in time and he will surpass the expectation of what is seen as evil for a character in every way.

The second OST is now under construction by our studio composer Mike Roberts. More updates on that will come in the near future.

The Crowned Prince will return in 2016! Please wait for his arrival.

Unite The Powers
Unite The Powers

Thank you to all the amazing fans who have patiently waited for this series, and believed in it.

More update are coming soon!


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