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Hey guys, DEN OF GEEK has an exclusive article and it reveals a ton of fangasm worthy information about Ben Affleck's Batman and something even more spectacular about Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice so let's jump into it. (But please do remember that this is an unconfirmed information as Den of Geek itself notes)

Batman is the connective tissue of DCEU shared universe franchise

The exclusive article from Den of Geek says that Ben Affleck's Batman will be the character who will tie everything together in this universe, somewhat like Nick Fury from Marvel Cinematic Universe (for comparison sake).

It's really logical to understand why WB took this decision because even though Superman is the poster boy of Justice League in the eyes of public, Batman is actually the leader of Justice League who organizes everyone, keeps a tab on everyone and gets the work done, so there's no one better than Batman to connect the DCEU together, as an add on, Batman happens to be the most famous and beloved comic book character so that surely helps. But here's the exact quote from their article,

"Basically, Warners are now working their movie universe around Ben's Batman,"

Ben Affleck's contract goes for 10 years and includes a Batman trilogy.

Apparently the article says that WB bosses are so impressed by Ben Affleck's portrayal as Batman/Bruce Wayne that they have extended his deal which will now go all the way till 2026 and will include standalone Batman trilogy apart from the Justice League appearances ! and yes don't forget his cameo in next year's Suicide Squad maybe Batman would cameo in other movies as well, who knows.

But one thing is for sure Den of Geek's sources say that WB executives feel Ben Affleck's Batman to be the MOST DEFINITIVE Batman/ Bruce Wayne put to screen and in a world of where seeing is believing I think we all can buy that statement considering the recent trailers and images from magazines.

WB Studios is treating Batman as a prime commodity

Deadline is reporting that WB has postponed two of Ben Affleck's movie for future releases, they are The Accountant which moves from January 2016 to October 2016 and then Ben Affleck's directorial and starring in project Live by Night which moves from October 2016 to sometime in 2017.

The delay seems to be related to his commitment to DCEU franchise, and it's actually quite clever on WB's side to post pone these two movies considering Ben Affleck's star power is going to sky rocket after Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad and that would directly impact the box office performance of The Accountant and Ben Affleck will be starting his work on the Justice League Part 1 in 2016 and thus he cannot work on Live by Night at the same time.

But in other news......................

Private Screenings for Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice took place !!!

The screenings was only for the WB executives and Batman v Superman crew and guess what Den of Geek's sources say that it was such a magnificent movie that it received a STANDING OVATION from those in attendance, that's so rare these days, looks like Zack Snyder has cracked the magical spell.


What do you feel about all these revelations


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