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Considered the first modern superhero. Superman (aka: Clark Kent) was born on the planet Krypton, just before the planet dies, and explodes. But lucky to Kal El, his parents knew about the upcoming apocalypse, and send him to planet Earth. When he arrives on Earth, years later, he realizes that he has super human abilities. Such as flight, super strength, super speed, etc. But, that doesn't mean that he is perfect. Here are five times that Superman broke his moral code.

5) Superman Kidnaps Oilmen And Makes Them Watch As He Destroys Their Oil Well

Superman hears about how these stockholders are being scammed. So he sets out to find the con men, and pay justice to the poor stock holders. But rather than investigating the crime and contacting the police, he takes it into his own hands.

Disguised as a business, he buys the rest of the stock from the con men, which takes interest in a faulty oil well. He sneaks into the well and drills until he finds oil. He finds the con men and black mails them, using the oil well that now has oil, to give him a million dollars. He decides that he isn't going to give the stock holders there money back. He then then takes the con men and makes them watch the oil well burn. So at the end of the day, he doesn't give the stockholders back there money. And it is also a bad day for anyone living by the oil well.

4) Superman vs EVERY Car

Another reason showing why Superman was a little insane in his early days. Superman is enraged when his friend is killed in a car crash. So instead of taking his problems to the real person responsible, he starts going after cars.

He announces on the radio that he is coming after all homicidal drivers. But instead of just doing that, he starts going to car lots, and car factories destroying every car in sight. Which in return cripples the local economy, and kills probably just as many people as he did destroy cars.

3) Superman: Aka Tommy Burke

Superman decides the the only way to stop corrupt football players from cheating in the game, is to drug and take the identity of poor ol' Tommy Burke. After he gives Tommy a drug which pretty much paralyzes him, he proceeds to go to Tommy's football practice disguised a Burke. He then almost kills a fellow team mate in the locker room. He becomes the teams ultimate football player, and is soon there team leader. While he is playing football, the corrupt players kidnap the real Tommy Burke. Superman realizes that he is doing this, but decides that he would rather finish the big game.

2) Superman Destroys Poor Neighborhoods

Another one in Superman's early days, this one involves him making a lot of people homeless. Superman comes to the realization that most of the crime originates from the slums. So his big picture is to simply destroy all the poor neighborhoods. Don't worry he doesn't kill all the poor people, but he sure makes them homeless. Because they replace the old homes with really big homes. But, the old residents couldn't afford to pay the high price.

1) Superman Adopts And Then Abandons Jimmy Olsen

After being told by a psychic that he would eventually kill his son. So what Superman has in mind is that he will adopt a son and then abandon him. Great plan! And who better to adopt than love-able Jimmy Olsen. Jimmy had wanted a closer relationship to Superman, so he of course said yes. They began doing things that father and son would do. Sadly for Jimmy, things wouldn't work out so good. Superman starts destroying every good thing and kind dead that Jimmy had done for him, which leaves Jimmy no choice by to find legal means.


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