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In the world of Secret Wars, anything can happen. We have seen a continuation of stories that are long past, as well as stories that we have wanted to see for many years finally get expressed. The one story that people have always wanted to forget was "One More Day". In that story, Peter made a deal with the devil to save his Aunt from a death that he blamed himself for. But, in the process, he lost his love for the woman who has stood by him for years and years. Now, we get a chance to see what it would have looked like had that never taken place. We have been placed into a magical world where the villain Regent has taken over all of New York and slaughtered each hero that stood in his path and taken their powers for himself. He is a God in the world of New York. But, there is one power he never got yet, and he feels it is the most powerful one. The power of the Spider.

Many fans have been in between on this set. There has been a consistent feeling that the brutality that Peter Parker exhibits in this set is not really how he would act. But, we have never seen a Peter with a child before. How would his mindset be if this had actually happened? Well, the brutality is again present in this issue, and even though the main focus of the story is about how Peter can never actually quit being who he is, it still seems past him to act with such rage. In one part of the issue, the brutal fight between Spidey and the Hobgoblin is seen in front of many, including his own daughter. To witness her own father brutally destroy a man is not something Peter would ever do, regardless of the situation. Peter has always been a character who sees himself as the ultimate hero, regardless of how the public perceives him. He would never stoop to the levels that he displays in this issue in front of the public. It's just not him. But, we can move past that because we again have never seen how he would act if he actually had a family. The second problem with this issue is that Dan Slott fails to develop the characters of the new Sinister Six. Who are they actually under their masks and why have they transformed so much? This is something that really could have been established, but instead was swept under the rug. The series succeeds because of its back-to-basic approach, as does this issue. Although the degree of Parker's use of violence is made out of character, the overall approach of the character here is one which feels like it could easily happen under these specific conditions. By using what makes the character special while also setting him inside the Secret Wars world, it benefits the crossover by highlighting these traits. The art as always by Adam Kubert is amazing. I give this issue a 7 out of 10.


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