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"Fantastic Four" is an action movie directed by Josh Trank. The MPAA rating is PG-13 for sci-fi action violence, and language and the running time is 100 minutes. The film's budget is 120 million and the box office revenue SO FAR is 2,7 million.

BEFORE THE MOVIE: From the trailers, I AM SUPER PUMPED for Fantastic Four. It looks amazing! But then the reviews came out.....oh god. Honestly, I don't really know what to expect anymore. Who knows? Maybe I'll like it. We'll see.


AFTER THE MOVIE: Oh god.......The first question I asked myself before the movie started was "Can it be REALLY THAT BAD?" The short answer is YES. The long answer is this: First off, the positives. The special effects are decent. They're not spectacular or anything but they're fine, except when Reed Richard changes faces (That scene will be etched in my memories forever). The thing looks good but the special effects are fine. The action scene (I'll get to that later) is good. It's pretty epic actually. Reg E. Cathey (Who plays Franklin Storm) is fantastic! He reminds me a lot of Morgan Freeman with his voice.

Now on to the bad stuff. The first thing is, THE ACTING IS AWFUL (Except for Cathey). It's a shame because the cast is STAR-STUDDED. But it literally feels like the actors are only here for the money, or they lost interest, or the rumors were true and they were poorly treated by Josh Trank. It's either one of those things. But the thing that aggravated me the most was the lack of footage that they showed during the trailers and TV spots (They showed the exact same footage but in a different way) and now I understand. It's not because the film is garbage but it's because there is ONLY ONE action scene. Usually, when you see MARVEL trailers, they show a lot of different action scenes which makes the whole trailer. But there is literally ONE action scene. Except of course if you're counting the 10 second fight between The Thing and Mr.Fantastic, the car race that lasts 35 seconds. And you might think that the final battle of the film is set in New York because of the spark in the trailer BUT NOOOOOOO! It's set in a wasteland with nothing really threatening. The villain, Dr.Doom is completely HORRIBLE! The fact is that he only shows up when there's only 10 minutes left and then they have a really brief battle. That's how I can describe the action with one word: B-R-I-E-F. And don't get me started on THE FINAL SCENE? UUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

SKIP IT!!!!!!!!!


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