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The end if here. There is just one month left of the Ultimate universe before it ends. This storyline began with the Punisher putting his sights on the entire Ultimate universe and saying that this should have been done a long time ago. Many fans agree. This universe, which started so strong 15 years ago has gone through some rough times in recent years. The death of almost every fan favorite character didn't help much. Top writers were brought in. Top writers left quickly. But, it wasn't their fault. They didn't have much to work with by the end. Spider-man, Captain America, Wolverine, Magneto, Cyclops, Wasp and many others were already dead. The attempts to revive this franchise was attempted, and lost again and again. By the end,there was just one ultimate comic left on the shelf. Now, the end is here and there are none. But, it's a tragedy that this storyline is the way that this once proud franchise is forced to go out with.

The issue opens with a recap page finally explaining to the readers what was going on. Yes, we had 3 issues of confusion, and Bendis finally decides to give us a recap page so we can figure out the plot. Kind of a shame. The story focuses on the two Tony Starks fighting to determine who is right and what should be done about the realities being in the same universe. But, all this does is lead to even more confusion. Suddenly, all of the Avengers are present and about to wage war. Bendis does throw us a curveball by bring Doom into the picture as they try and explain what is going on. But,it's too little too late for that. The art as always by Bagley is impressive, especially the two page spread of all the different Iron Man costumes. But, he is too focused on the art and not on the story. Phenomenal visuals can't hide the fact that the series feels confusing and pointless. How will the Ultimate universe truly end? I guess we need to wait one more month to find out. It's a shame because this set had so much potential and could have been one of the highlights of the entire Secret Wars storyline. But, instead it is a jumbled mess with too much dialogue, too little action and even less importance. I give this issue a 4 out of 10, mostly for the art. But, at least the ending and the final character that appears could change the landscape of this set for the final month. Or, maybe not.


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