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Jurassic World 2 was announced right after first week of opening of Jurassic World, success of which was mind boggling. Now [Jurassic World](tag:32752) has more than $1.5 billion in worldwide earnings and has ranked as the third all time highest box office success, coming before Avatar and Titanic.

With that said, one of the most questioned subjects about the sequel was "where could Jurassic World continue from here." Because obviously plans of reopening the park didn't turn out as entertaining as expected and the consequences will result to closing the park completely. Therefore the director of the movie Colin Trevorrow talked a little about the future plans and some of his comments do make sense. Here is what he said about the sequel:

"What if there are 15 different entities around the world who can make a dinosaur?" "I feel like the idea is that this isn’t always going to be limited to theme parks, and there are applications for this science that reach far beyond entertainment. And when you look back at nuclear power and how that started, the first instinct was to weaponize it and later on we found it could be used for energy."

These comments don't say much yet but it's almost obvious that the theme park will be closed and the story will develop outside of the island and most likely even get to areas being occupied by civilians which will hype up the terror. Also another thing that will certainly happen is that the science behind creating dinosaurs will fall in bad hands probably government who will try to use them as weapons and eventually get out of hand.


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