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I just walked out of this. And the main word that comes to my head is bloody frustrating. Two acts of a decent sci-fi film. Then it completely falls apart. This film really fulfils the name of a disaster. This film lacks an identity, as to whether it is either a superhero film, or a sci-fi/horror film.

It intrigues as this film about your body turning against you, then in the third act, it throws it out the window and becomes a studio-generic superhero action flick. Which lasts for about 6 minutes.

You thought you didn't see enough Godzilla.

Just wait...

Here's Dom's review for the film. I enjoyed it more than him, but here's a more in-depth non-spoiler review:

Now the real question is do you want to see another Fantastic Four? And did you actually like it? Or maybe even love it?

That's it!


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