ByBrad Dee, writer at

Last month, we entered the world of the Red and the Iron. A world where the Civil War between the two sides of superheroes had never ended. A world where both sides are still in disagreement and still have no trust for each other. On one side, we have General Steve Rogers, who has a makeshift group of heroes(including Spider-man as the Falcon) that he is keeping safe from the outside world who blames them for the death of millions. On the other side, we have President Tony Stark, who still believes in the superhuman registration act and still feels that Captain America is responsible for everything wrong with the world. Last month, we got the storyline of what is happening and who's side the heroes are on. This month is a huge improvement on the last issue mostly due to the world opening up and being revealed to us. The art is top notch and does a fantastic job with the smaller moments and the bigger moments too.

Civil War‘s second issue builds upon the first, wisely moving the concept of the original series further along to deal more with the effects of long-term war, giving this series more thematic punch than simply exploring an alternate reality. We are slowly learning the motivations behind all the heroes that are on both sides and what is motivating them. We also are learning more about the fears that are present and also the lengths they would go to win.Rogers knows that this fight can't go on forever. His troops need food and materials, and he is aware that Tony will strike when the kettle is hot. The art is incredible, as we get to see the scars that are present in our heroes due to this neverending conflict. Just look at the Beast and you would see. The issue also gives us yet another exciting cliffhanger, which shows us that we have to be prepared for anything in this alternate reality. Soule has a lot to work with in this story, as we don't know much about the world that these heroes live in. That is part of the excitement that we see in this issue. I give this issue a 8 out of 10. Very exciting, even though the overall storyline is very simple in scope.


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